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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: relativePath thing..... was Re: svn commit: r1202350 - in /aries/trunk: application/application-modeller/pom.xml quiesce/pom.xml
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 16:15:57 GMT
On Wednesday, November 16, 2011 3:40:22 PM Jeremy Hughes wrote:
> On 16 November 2011 01:49, Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
> > tackling the first part.  :-)    I also *prefer* that it work behind a
> > reasonably setup proxy/firewall (read: no snapshot deps not part of the
> > build), but that is definitely tertiary.
> I'm afraid I can't help here much as I don't have these proxy/firewall
> restrictions. What do you suggest when a new feature / bug fix depends
> on a bug fix to a dependency outside Aries? A snapshot dependency is
> often needed for this until the dependency project is released.

Like I said, kind of tertiary at this point.  Call it a stretch goal.  :-)   
In general, I discourage use of SNAPSHOTS unless we know a release of said 
snapshot is imminent (community is in final preparations or similar).    If 
it's a snapshot of another Apache project, I'm also usually a little more 
lenient as anyone behind said firewall at least be able to get those sources 
and build it if they can get the Aries sources.

> > On a side note: it *really* bothers me that there is work that has been
> > done on a branch that is not reflected on trunk.   IMO, trunk should
> > always reflect the most up-to-date status of the code.
> If you're referring to the oct-2011-release branch, sorry I'm getting
> to it. I need to release 0.4.1 of blueprint-core, blueprint-cm,
> blueprint-bundle and blueprint-itests. Either I can merge the branch
> into trunk then create a new branch for the release, or I can do the
> release from the existing branch then merge. In fact I'm minded to do
> the former. Thoughts?

Doesn't really matter to me.   I've already started porting back all the 
changes to trunk and getting version numbers updated and such.  It's NOT an 
easy port back so it's taking a little time.   I should have it done in a few 
hours though.    Once we released 0.4 of things, Nexus wiped out the 0.4-
SNAPSHOT's from the snapshot repo so I need to go through all the poms and 
make sure they use the 0.4 release version and such.   Not a big deal, but it 
takes time.  

One more point though:  on any branch that a developer is expected to run "mvn 
install", the version number in the pom should ALWAYS be a SNAPSHOT version, 
never a  release version.   The oct branch violates that in several places, 
but I'm not sure if anyone would consider that branch a branch for developers.


> > Anyway, if anyone else has any input into this, feel free to add their
> > thoughts!
> Thanks for bringing all this up. I certainly wasn't aware of some of this.
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> > Daniel Kulp
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Daniel Kulp
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