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From zoe slattery <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Version Policy
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 14:30:19 GMT
Hi Felix - thanks
> Re. Bundles: A bundle should never exist as a non-SNAPSHOT version in
> the trunk (except during the short period of time during which Maven
> generates the version tag). As such immediately after a release the
> bundle version switches to x.y.(z+1)-SNAPSHOT.
What is the thinking behind this? Is it a Maven thing? I thought it 
would be a convenient way to tell at a glance if something had changed 
or not.
If we can't just have no "SNAPSHOT" could we use something like 
DEV-SNAPSHOT (ie no version) in trunk?
> Re. Bundles: I think it is solely the task of the RM to decide on the
> version to be released.
Yes - that was my view too.
> But there should be some guidelines like the
> OSGi semantic versioning. On point to note (and extending OSGi's paper)
> is that in Felix and Sling we generally release even versions and have
> odd versions being SNAPSHOTs. E.g:
>      x.y.1-SNAPSHOT
>      x.y.2
>      x.y.3-SNAPSHOT
>      x.y.4
> The reason for this is that x.y.z.SNAPSHOT>  x.y.z in OSGi version
> speak, which is of course not true in real life (and Maven speak).
Ah - I see. That's an interesting approach.
> FYI: This is how we do it in Sling:
> Regards
> Felix
> Am Mittwoch, den 16.03.2011, 09:20 +0000 schrieb zoe slattery:
>> Hi - as I work through making the changes to be able to release by
>> bundle we will need to start following an agreed version policy for
>> packages and bundles.
>> I've drafted something on the wiki (website). Please review it and
>> comment back to the list.
>> Thanks, Zoƫ

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