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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Api for a monitoring real bundles states when used with extenders
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 10:24:21 GMT
On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 10:48, Felix Meschberger <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag, den 03.02.2011, 10:27 +0100 schrieb Guillaume Nodet:
>> With the multiplicity of extenders, it becomes increasingly difficult
>> to know when a bundle is actually started.
>> Another problem is when you actually want to order  bundles starting
> Are you sure you want to support "order bundles starting" ? I think this
> is not correct ....
>> process when they do use extenders.
>> What would you think about working on a simple API (similar to the
>> quiesce api) that could be used to have better information and control
>> over the real state of bundles.
>> This could also be benefical to applications / subsystems to actually
>> compute a real state for those.
> This sounds like the BundleTracker...
> Or did I miss your goal completely ?
> BTW: What is "the real state of a bundle" ?

Yes, I think I haven't explained myself clearly.
When a bundle is supposed to be extended, this is usually done
asynchronously by the extender.  For example blueprint does that.
>From a user point of view, this means that the bundle can actually be
in an ACTIVE state without being "ready".  The bundle will really be
"ready" when the blueprint extender will have done its job.  This is
valid for all extenders that do their job asynchronously.

The problem is that there's currently no easy way to know when you're
bundle is ready.  The goal would be to be able to give back to the
user a clear picture of the "state" of everything inside.

As for bundle ordering, I problem I came across is that such
asynchronous extenders can't be ordered using the start level service,
and that's sometimes desirable, so I'd like to be able to do that too.

> Regards
> Felix

Guillaume Nodet
Open Source SOA

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