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From zoe slattery <>
Subject Re: Breaking the ties between aries components/importing version ranges
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 15:53:35 GMT
Hmm - well - I reverted my change and actually the range for the import 
was wrong before. My changes made no difference, but I do agree that it 
needs to be fixed and will work on it.
> Well, I think the result is plain wrong.
> For example proxy/proxy-impl imports the org.apache.aries.proxy
> package with a [0.4,1) range.
> However, given it implements the spec, the semantic versioning
> guidelines indicates that the range should be [0.4,0.5).
> On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 16:03, zoe slattery<>  wrote:
>> OK - I have checked in a change under
>> which reverts the dependency
>> between Aries modules.
>> I have checked that import ranges are calculated correctly by the maven
>> bundle plugin. The range is now based on the version of the dependency.
>> So, for example, a module that depends (as a consumer) on util-0.4-SNAPSHOT
>> will import util packages in the range [0.4, 1.0). A module that depends on
>> util-0.3 will import util packages in the range [0.3, 1.0).
>> Everything builds and all the tests run.
>> Zoe
>>> Actually, after thinking about it, I don't think there's much problem.
>>>   So please go ahead.
>>> We also need to make sure about the versions range we use for imports,
>>> i.e. up to the next major for a used package, and up to the minor
>>> version if the package is implemented somehow.  BND is supposed to do
>>> that automatically now, but we'd have to double check.
>>> Also, if we keep old versions for dependencies, we'd still need to
>>> test with recent ones I think, so not sure how to deal with that.
>>> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 15:38, Guillaume Nodet<>    wrote:
>>>> I think the original code did not use version ranges and early version
>>>> of maven bundle plugin did not allow for policies on creating ranges.
>>>> That can be change if needed obviously.
>>>> Before doing any breaking changes in the way we release / version
>>>> packages or bundles, can we continue the discussion and have a clear
>>>> picture where we are going to ?
>>>> There's no need to do the work multiple times, so if you're gonna
>>>> break that link, what do you plan to put instead ?
>>>> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 15:31, zoe slattery<>
>>>>   wrote:
>>>>> Hi
>>>>> There is something that I would like to change in the way we build
>>>>> Aries.
>>>>> I'm asking because I don't really understand why it is there in the
>>>>> first
>>>>> place.
>>>>> Today, if I am building blueprint at version 0.4-SNAPSHOT, the blueprint
>>>>> bundle manifests which are generated all import versions of other aries
>>>>> components in the range [0.4, 1.0). This is true even if I modify a
>>>>> blueprint pom to explicitly depend on, say org.apache.aries.proxy at
>>>>> version
>>>>> 0.3.
>>>>> The import range is calculated (by some logic in the default parent pom)
>>>>> in
>>>>> a way that creates a tie between all of the aries components, it also
>>>>> overrides the default behaviour of the maven bundle plugin which
>>>>> calculates
>>>>> import ranges based on the version of the dependency.
>>>>> In some cases I notice that people have worked around this behaviour
>>>>> hard
>>>>> coding import ranges in the pom, see for example,
>>>>> and the way that it imports org.apache.aries.quiesce.manager.
>>>>> I would like to remove the logic from the default parent pom that does
>>>>> this.
>>>>> However - I don't understand why it is there in the first place, can
>>>>> anyone
>>>>> explain?
>>>>> Zoe
>>>> --
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Guillaume Nodet
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