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From zoe slattery <>
Subject Breaking the ties between aries components/importing version ranges
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2011 14:31:35 GMT

There is something that I would like to change in the way we build 
Aries. I'm asking because I don't really understand why it is there in 
the first place.

Today, if I am building blueprint at version 0.4-SNAPSHOT, the blueprint 
bundle manifests which are generated all import versions of other aries 
components in the range [0.4, 1.0). This is true even if I modify a 
blueprint pom to explicitly depend on, say org.apache.aries.proxy at 
version 0.3.

The import range is calculated (by some logic in the default parent pom) 
in a way that creates a tie between all of the aries components, it also 
overrides the default behaviour of the maven bundle plugin which 
calculates import ranges based on the version of the dependency.

In some cases I notice that people have worked around this behaviour by 
hard coding import ranges in the pom, see for example, 
and the way that it imports org.apache.aries.quiesce.manager.

I would like to remove the logic from the default parent pom that does 
this. However - I don't understand why it is there in the first place, 
can anyone explain?


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