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From Valentin Mahrwald <>
Subject Re: Any clue why EBA can not resolve "Require-bundle" header in bundles when do deploy in 0.2?
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 07:51:43 GMT
The NoOpResolver by design does really what it says: nothing :)

That means it will ignore any dangling package, service or require bundle dependencies and
simply go by what is in the EBA. For that reason the NoOpResolver implementation is highly
unfit for any real use outside testing. In almost all cases you want the OBRAriesResolver

As for where this capability was added: the key players are, which is
used by the RepositoryGenerator when creating the OBR metadata. This takes require bundles
into account by delegating to a ModelledResource, which does the base parsing for required
bundles. Most of this was done in the area of ARIES-361.



On 24 Jan 2011, at 06:06, Rex Wang wrote:

> I just noticed:
> The NoOpResolver. This resolver assumes that all the required bundles are
> contained by value in the application and simply returns the information
> about the bundles in the application.
> Is that design to deal with the require-bundle headers?
> -Rex
> 2011/1/24 Rex Wang <>
>> Hi devs,
>> The jira reports the
>> problem.
>> But David says this should have been resolved in 0.3. I view the svn logs
>> of the OBRAriesResolver, but can not find any item corresponds to this
>> problem.
>> Can anybody give me any clue (or revision numbers) how this problem was
>> resolved?
>> regards,
>> --
>> Lei Wang (Rex)
>> rwonly AT
> -- 
> Lei Wang (Rex)
> rwonly AT

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