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From Felix Meschberger <>
Subject Re: Release by module - changes to trunk
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2011 13:23:23 GMT

(from the peanut galleray again ;-)

Am Montag, den 31.01.2011, 11:17 +0000 schrieb zoe slattery: 
> Hi all
> Now that we have a 0.3 release I plan to change trunk so that where 
> modules depend on other Aries modules the depend on the released 
> versions and _not_ versions in trunk.


> This will mean:
> (a) The current development version will be 0.4-SNAPSHOT
> (b) All Aries 0.4-SNAPSHOT modules will depend on 0.3 parent.
> (c) Where an Aries module depends on other Aries modules, it will depend 
> on the released versions of the other modules _until_ it requires a 
> change in the module that it depends on, at which stage it will switch 
> to a dependency on the development version.
> So for example, Blueprint 0.4-SNAPSHOT will depend on quiesce 0.3, proxy 
> 0.3, testsupport 0.3 and  parent 0.3. If blueprint 0.4-SNAPSHOT needs to 
> pick up a change in proxy the blueprint top level pom will need to be 
> modified to point to proxy 0.4-SNAPSHOT.

I would assume this means "depends on modified API" and does not mean
"depends on some bug fixed in the implementation", right ?


> This will lead us towards being able to release by module but it implies 
> a change in development practice. I will make the pom changes locally 
> and test them but I'd like to check that release-by-module is still the 
> goal and that you all think this is a reasonable way to be able to 
> achieve it.
> Zoƫ

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