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From Valentin Mahrwald <>
Subject Re: building Apache Aries trunk from the top level pom
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 16:03:34 GMT
I just checked and had a 50% success rate :)

I have found some of the new tests in the application itest project are flaky (maybe the timeouts
are not big enough). But the rest seems to work for me.


On 15 Sep 2010, at 10:28, Joe Bohn wrote:

> I seem to be having lots of problems building Apache Aries trunk from the top level pom
because of test errors.  And, the more tests we add the worse the process becomes.  For me
it is virtually impossible to build.  Once in a while I'll get lucky and things will actually
work. However, most of the time it seems there are test failures somewhere along the way.
 The failure is often a timeout waiting for a service. However, there are a large number of
other (strange) failures such as InvocationTargetExceptions, invalid state, NPEs, etc... 
that are becoming more common.
> When attempting to run a build from the top level a test that passes on one attempt will
fail on the next and the one that failed on the last run will pass on the next (if the build
even gets that far).  All in all, it is pretty much impossible to build from the top level.
> The only success that I have in building all of Apache Aries is to build each module
individually in the order specified in the top level pom (which I think is now correct). 
As I hit failures I rebuild just that module until successful and then I move on to the next
> So this raises 2 questions:
> 1) Am I the only one seeing these types of problems?  If it is just me then I guess I
just need to figure out what is wrong with my environment.
> 2) If it is more wide spread then it seems to me that we might have issues that we need
to address.  Certainly we are dealing with a dynamic system with loose coupling and there
are very likely timing scenarios that will arise occasionally.  However, the frequency and
variety of failures I'm seeing makes me wonder if we have larger timing or synchronization
issues that have not yet been addressed.  Do you agree?  If so, then we need to come up with
some way to isolate and resolve these issues.
> Joe

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