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From Valentin Mahrwald <>
Subject Package structure in application api
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2010 17:03:39 GMT

currently the application api project has one package
which seems like a very disparate collection of  client interfaces and various layers of interfaces
to glue the runtime together. I would like to split that so that the packages are more coherent
and can be versioned with greater independence.

At the very least there ought to be a split between user's api and implementer's spi:

  API (everything available from AriesApplicationManager): 
  AriesApplication, AriesApplicationContext, AriesApplicationEvent, AriesApplicationListener,
AriesApplicationManager, BundleInfo, ManagementException, ResolveConstraint, ResolverException,

  SPI (everything else)
  AriesApplicationContextManager, AriesApplicationResolver, BundleConversion, BundleConverter,
BundleFramework, BundleFrameworkFactory, BundleFrameworkManager, BundleRepository, BundleRepositoryManager,
ContextException, ConversionException, DeploymentManifestManager, LocalPlatform, PlatformRepository,
RepositoryGenerator, UpdateStrategy

  InvalidAttributeException seems to belong in the org.apache.aries.application package since
it is only referenced in DeploymentMetadata, which lives there.

But even with this the runtime bundles that currently exist would be client and implementer
for interfaces in the SPI package at the same time. So a further (OTT) split by responsibility
might make sense:
  spi.conversion: BundleConversion, BundleConverter, ConversionException
  spi.framework: BundleFramework, BundleFrameworkFactory, BundleFrameworkManager
  spi.repository: BundleRepository, BundleRepositoryManager, PlatformRepository, RepositoryGenerator
  spi.resolve: AriesApplicationResolver, DeploymentManifestManager
  spi.runtime: AriesApplicationContextManager
  spi.update: UpdateStrategy
  spi.util: LocalPlatform
With the oddball ContextException to be still sorted out

What do people think? Is either of these splits sensible or is there something else that would
be better?

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