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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache Aries (Incubating) version 0.2-incubating release candidate 05
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 18:46:14 GMT

Well, I don't think this is real problem but I thought I should mention 
it in case others see similar results and it begins to become a pattern.

I had a difficult time building quiesce this time around.  I first hit a 
service timeout in QuieseJPATest testComplexUnitQuiesce waiting for the 
EntityManagerFactory service.  I hit service timeouts from time to time 
in the tests while building (usually in blueprint) - so I wasn't too 
surprised when I hit the first one.

However, I then hit a second service timeout on my next attempt to build 
quiesce - this time in QuieseJPATest testSimpleUnitQuiesce.   Both of 
these timeouts were with hit pretty quickly - the first after just 3.709 
sec elapsed time and the second after just 4.229 sec.

I was finally able to build quiesce with tests passing on the third 

So, why the note?
1) I was surprised by hitting these service timeouts in quiesce (I 
usually hit them in blueprint).
2) I was surprised to hit them twice in a row.
3) I was surprised to hit them with such a small elapsed time on the 
tests that failed.
4) It was odd that I hit these failures on this vote but didn't see them 
on any of the previous votes.  Perhaps one of the earlier changes 
surfaced a new issue and I was just lucky on my earlier attempts?


On 8/27/10 12:39 PM, zoe slattery wrote:
> Starting a discussion thread, although I _really_ hope that there is
> nothing to say :-)
> Zoƫ

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