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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Aries release documentation
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 13:54:46 GMT

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for starting this document.  I think every project needs 
something like this for unique items that are part of their release 
process and as a helpful guide.  I'm sure it will continue to evolve 
over time (that's been my experience in other projects).  Here are a few 
comments (I can help add some or all of these to the doc if you'd like 
me to).

- Perhaps we need some discussion about pre-release activities.   For 
example - before a release we typically ensure that everybody is ready 
for a release via discussion on the dev list, choose a release manager, 
categorize all JIRAs and functions as "must have", "nice to have", "not 
needed", etc... for the release and set some target dates.
- I'd recommend adding some information on legal checks such as running 
RAT.  I know that we have some of this integrated in Apache Aries so 
that we can run "mvn rat:check" but I'm not sure if it is working 
correctly as it doesn't seem to check everything completely.
- It's nice to have a sample of the vote note to send out and what must 
be included it in.  We should also include a discussion thread so that 
the vote thread can remain focused on just the vote and not get 
cluttered with comments & questions.
- We should have some information on what to do when the vote either 
fails or succeeds.   I'm sure you were planning to add this anyway as 
you cover those steps for this particular vote but I'm listing it here 
just for completeness.
- Finally, I think we need some post-release activities such as 
announcing the release, updated JIRA for new versions and marking the 
newly released version as released, etc...

Thanks again,

On 8/17/10 6:00 AM, zoe slattery wrote:
> Hi - As I went through the process of creating the release I created
> documentation here:
> It should be on the Aries web site in a couple of hours when it's been
> synced with the wiki.
> It would be really great if people could check the doc - I'd like us to
> be in a position where anyone can do a release with minimal effort and I
> don't think we are quite there yet :-)
> Thanks to everyone who has helped out with this so far!
> Zoƫ


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