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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject How to use the JIRA 'Affects version/s' and 'Fix Version/s' fields
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 14:28:39 GMT
Hi, I've noticed a few inconsistencies in the way some JIRA's have
been opened w.r.t these fields. So I would like to get agreement on
our understanding of these fields and how they should be used.

The JIRA doc on Atlassian [1] describes the meanings for all the
fields. In particular:

Affects Version(s) (if applicable) — project version(s) for which the
issue is (or was) manifesting.
Fix Version(s) (if applicable) — project version(s) in which the issue
was (or will be) fixed.

My reading of this is:

* When you create an issue, you should set the 'affects version/s'
field to versions that you are using where you feel the issue is
(ahem) an issue. That would be 0.1 and/or 0.2. Version 0.2 isn't
released yet but that shouldn't matter. The 1.0 release and the
'Incubating' release shouldn't be there and I would like to remove

* When you create an issue, you can also set the 'fix version/s'. You
don't have to, you could just leave that to the assignee. If you, as
the creator, set it to be the same as the 'affects version/s' field
then you're effectively asking for a patch on that version. At the
time the issue is resolved I would expect the 'fix version/s' to
contain, at least, one version which hasn't yet been released, pending
an imminent release.




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