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From Bartosz Kowalewski <>
Subject A proposal on how to clean-up some of the Aries projects
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 00:31:42 GMT
Hi All (again),

After checking Apache Aries out and using Eclipse for playing with
Aries source code I have some comments to

1) A comment on: 'If there is a build error in the
org.apache.aries.blueprint.itests project then remove this jar:
from the project's classpath.'

I had the same issue with a different project some time ago. contains classes that are normally shipped with
JDK and this leads to serious problems (as 'mvn eclipse:eclipse'
places the classpath entry for above the one for
the JDK). Proposed change:


			This library needs to be ignored as it attempts to shadow classes
			from JDK.

This gets rid of the issue and youaren't forced to modify .classpath
anymore. The classes provided by are all shipped
with JDK, so no side effects should be observed after adding this

2) A comment on:
'You will see some of the blueprint projects don't build. To fix this
you need to comment out the following line:

<!-- <classpathentry kind="src"
including="blueprint.xsd" excluding="**/*.java"/> -->

in the .classpath file in the aries-blueprint-core project.'

I don't know any clean way to get rid of this inter-project dependency
(dependency on the filesystem level). The source directory/package
structure (in the -api project) and the target directory/package
structure (in the -core project) are different, so such a simple
approach like adding maven-dependency-plugin:unpack-dependencies with
a single include to pom.xml will not work :/. However, the requirement
to manually modify the .classpath makes me feel really bad :). Is
anyone able to fix it in a clean way?

3) Some projects have svn:ignore defined:

but many do NOT have these entries. While I can leave without these
entries :), somebody might want to add the missing settings.


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