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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject Fixes to v0.1 RC1
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 11:03:56 GMT
This is a summary of the issues raised against the 0.1 RC1:

>From Kevan:
> 1) jpa-0.1-incubating includes two dual-licensed files (persistence-xsd.rsrc and persistence_2_0-xsd.rsrc).
The LICENSE in the jar file properly reflects this. However, the files are also in the source.
So, they also need to be included in the source LICENSE file

RC branch fixed in r934343, trunk fixed in r935583

> 2) Since Apache will not redistribute these files under GPL, we must explicitly choose
the license we are applying to these files. As the license explains in these two files by
including the following: "[Contributor] elects to include this software in this distribution
under the [CDDL or GPL Version 2] license."

RC branch fixed in r934343, trunk fixed in r935583

> 3) org.apache.aries.transaction.manager-0.1-incubating.jar contains Geronimo and HOWL
class files. However, the jar file does not properly reflect this in the LICENSE/NOTICE files.
Geronimo should be fine, I think the Geronimo transaction notice file only refers to the geronimo
project. However, the HOWL license needs to be included in the LICENSE file.

RC branch fixed in r936209, trunk fixed in r936235

>From Joe:
> Based upon the missing samples archive, Kevan's license concerns, and the missing samples
archive I have to change my vote to "-1".

You're right, samples were missing from the staging repo - the mvn
release:perform didn't complete (or I didn't do it - I don't know

> It seems that one of the Blueprint tests still has a SNAPSHOT reference

RC branch fixed in r934384, trunk fixed in r934383

>From David:

> I looked at the jpa stuff for a minute and found a couple egregious errors I fixed in
rev 935098, ARIES-287.  IMO this needs to get into the next RC.

RC branch fixed in r935639, (trunk fixed in r935098)

Subsequently Joe found a problem with the ariestrader and blog samples
in ARIES-296, RC branch fixed in r935938 and r936031, trunk fixed in
r935934 and r936025

In addition I have added the incubator DISCLAIMER to the artifacts
which was missing.

I'll be creating the staging repo and pushing up RC2 shortly, so
please let me know if I missed anything.


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