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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject [DISCUSSION] ensure Aries builds with Java 1.5 libraries
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:55:06 GMT
We're using Java 1.6 JRE library additions in Aries. We've tried to
make sure Aries builds with 1.5 libraries. While we have the necessary
configuration on the maven-compiler-plugin to ensure the bytecode is
1.5 compatible, the compile fail if there's a 1.6 JRE library
dependency. What's required is for the compiler plugin to ensure it is
really using a 1.5 JDK. This can be done by adding this to the
compiler plugin config in parent/default-parent/java5-parent/pom.xml:

+       <fork>true</fork>
+       <executable>${JAVA_1_5_HOME}/bin/javac</executable>

and setting the JAVA_1_5_HOME variable in .m2/settings.xml like this:

          <JAVA_1_5_HOME> home dir of v1.5 jdk...</JAVA_1_5_HOME>


Personally I'd like to make sure everyone building Aries is configured
like this but there are pros/cons:

pro: anyone building Aries does so with a v1.5 JDK ensuring there are
failures if a java 6 library dependency has crept in
con: settings.xml has to be configured (that's a v. small con IMO)
con: users downloading will also need to configure
settings.xml (also small but might put some people off slightly).

Another option would be to only enforce building with a v1.5 JDK in
the release profile - but this effective defers all checking for java
6 dependencies to release time. A compromise would be to configure
Hudson to build with a 1.5 JDK, allow devs and users (using sources
zip) to build with their default JDK.

I'd just like to get opinion on these options:

1. enforce all users/devs build Aries with 1.5 JDK
2. only enforce build with 1.5 JDK in the release profile & configure
Hudson to build with JDK 1.5

Any more options?


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