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From Alasdair Nottingham <>
Subject Re: Aries release - the shape of repo org/apache/aries
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 16:18:20 GMT
I agree, option 1 is best.


On 10 March 2010 14:45, Lin Sun <> wrote:
> I'd vote for option no. 1 below, as there is nothing wrong with it and
> this is what we currently have.   It is also the format used by many
> felix jars in maven central and many osgi jars in osgi alliance repo.
> No. 2 looked wrong to me, and I certainly don't know how to set up that format.
> Lin
> On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 6:07 AM, Jeremy Hughes <> wrote:
>> On 9 March 2010 23:21, David Jencks <> wrote:
>>> On Mar 9, 2010, at 12:56 PM, Alasdair Nottingham wrote:
>>>> I don't think it is fair to claim it is maven or eclipse winning.
>>>> Eclipse is not the only group that use this convention. It is also
>>>> used by felix, and I have been using the convention since I first
>>>> worked on OSGi 5 years ago. It is pretty common.
>>>> It is good practice because it makes it quick and easy to identify the
>>>> identity of the bundle from the jar name, in a structure where you
>>>> have multiple bundles in a directory it ensures you do not end up
>>>> replacing one bundle with another which could happen if the jar name
>>>> is not unique enough.
>>>> It is my understanding that it is good practice to have the artifact
>>>> id in maven unique in any case so people who gather jars together in
>>>> assemblies do not end up replacing jars by mistake. That is what this
>>>> achieves.
>>> So to be a little more verbose about what I meant....
>>> Maven has the idea that if you have a few million jars, you might not want
>>> them all in the same directory.    So it has a coordinate system that makes
>>> it easy for an organization to have short jar names and assure everyone that
>>> it's artifacts can be distinguished from everyone elses, by using the
>>> groupId but not necessarily requiring unique artifact ids.
>>> Other systems, AFAIK including eclipse, have the idea that you only have a
>>> few jars, maybe 1000, and putting them all in the same directory is fine. In
>>> this situation you need to assure the jar name is unique, and the usual
>>> method seems to be to form something resembling
>>> <groupId>.<aritifactId>-<version>.jar from a minimal artifactId.
 In order
>>> to get maven to name the jars in this style, you need to include the groupId
>>> as a prefix in the artifactId, which is obviously redundant for maven.
>>> My personal opinion is that the non-maven approach is pretty ridiculous, but
>>> this seems to be a rather unpopular opinion in the osgi world at this time.
>>> For the "assembly" scenario you mention, I'd just include a
>>> mini-maven-repository with the desired jars, thus preventing any possible
>>> confusion about what a jar is, even with non-unique artifactIds.
>> If we take the starting point of the bundle jars being called <bundle
>> symbolic name>-<version>.jar then what are the possible groupId /
>> artifactId schemes? Then once we have that we can choose the best one.
>> 1. "BSN artifactId"
>> The artifactId is the string used for the BSN (Bundle Symbolic Name).
>> It would seem sensible, although not mandatory, for groupId to be an
>> appropriate first part of the artifactId string. This is what we
>> largely have today, and what Felix does - e.g. groupId:
>> org.apache.felix artifactId: org.apache.felix.bundlerepository. This
>> requires the Bundle Symbolic Name (BSN) to be explicitly set to
>> ${artifactId} in the maven-bundle-plugin config in the pom because the
>> maven-bundle-plugin defaults to something else [1].
>> So in the maven repo we have artifacts with paths like this:
>> ./org/apache/aries/blueprint/org.apache.aries.blueprint/0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.aries.blueprint-0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar
>> (groupId = org.apache.aries.blueprint, artifactId = org.apache.aries.blueprint)
>> ./org/apache/aries/blueprint/org.apache.aries.blueprint.api/0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.aries.blueprint.api-0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar
>> (groupId = org.apache.aries.blueprint, artifactId =
>> org.apache.aries.blueprint.api)
>> 2. "Minimal artifactId"
>> In this scheme, the artifactId string doesn't overlap with groupId.
>> The benefit of this would be less duplication in the path in the maven
>> repo. We would have artifacts with paths like this:
>> ./org/apache/aries/blueprint/0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.aries.blueprint-0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar
>> (groupId = org.apache.aries, artifactId = blueprint)
>> ./org/apache/aries/blueprint/api/0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.aries.blueprint.api-0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar
>> (groupId = org.apache.aries.blueprint, artifactId = api)
>> (btw: I struggled a bit with the naming of the groupId and artifactId
>> here to cope with the fact that we're having an 'uber' bundle and
>> separate 'api' bundle)
>> But, this would require a way of renaming the jar artifact from
>> <artifactId>-<version>.jar to be the effective BSN that either the
>> maven-bundle-plugin creates by default [1] or the BSN that is
>> explicitly configured in the maven-bundle-plugin config elements. It
>> may be possible to do this (I suspect it'll need some coding rather
>> than just some config of available plugins). But even if this were
>> done, do we really want our artifacts to *not* start with the
>> artifactId? Several times on this list, that has been described as a
>> bad thing
>> For now I don't see any other options. Do you have one?
>> [1]
>> Cheers,
>> Jeremy
>>> thanks
>>> david jencks
>>>> Alasdair
>>>> On 9 March 2010 20:43, David Jencks <> wrote:
>>>>> On Mar 9, 2010, at 12:27 PM, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
>>>>>> I think the reason is that the bundle symbolic name is the unique
>>>>>> of the bundle.  It has to be globally unique.
>>>>>> When you use a non OSGi environment, you don't care about the jar
>>>>>> name, you can simply rename it and it won't hurt anyone.
>>>>>> In OSGi, the name of the jar doesn't matter either, but the symbolic
>>>>>> name does.  A good practice is to have the jar be named
>>>>>> symbolicname-version.jar which ease the identification.  But the
>>>>>> constraint of uniqueness on the symbolic name kinda forces the use
>>>>>> the naming convention for the symbolic name,
>>>>>> hence for the artifact.
>>>>>> Makes sense ?
>>>>> Why is naming the jar symbolicname-version.jar good practice?  Obviously
>>>>> if
>>>>> you think this then you will do it, but you've just asserted that doing
>>>>> this
>>>>> is a good idea without any support.
>>>>> It seems to me that the question kinda boils down to who wins, maven
>>>>> eclipse.
>>>>> david jencks
>>>>>> On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 21:20, Kevan Miller <>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> On Mar 9, 2010, at 2:06 PM, Alasdair Nottingham wrote:
>>>>>>>> Maven insists on naming the jar artifactid-version.jar since
we wanted
>>>>>>>> our jars to follow the bundle_symolicname-version.jar convention
>>>>>>>> forces
>>>>>>>> duplication in the artifact id.
>>>>>>>> This is why I was asking if we could get the jar name to
be generated
>>>>>>>> from the group and artifact id on IRC last week.
>>>>>>> That's not really answering my question. artifactid is essentially
>>>>>>> jar file name and trying to get maven to act otherwise, is just
>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>> have a bad ending... So, to rephrase in your terms, why does
the jar
>>>>>>> file
>>>>>>> name need to follow the current naming convention?
>>>>>>> --kevan
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>> Guillaume Nodet
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>>>> Alasdair Nottingham

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