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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject Runtime dependencies for our released artifacts
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:36:53 GMT
Thanks Guillaume for creating the uber bundle for application. I can
see it is a merge of api, management, runtime and utils which is also,
really the minimum set you could use in a runtime. It happens to be a
transitively closed set w.r.t dependencies which is nice for

The blueprint uber bundle isn't transitively closed - it needs asm,
cglib, osgi compendium, slf4j, Which brings me on to how we're going
to point users to the dependencies they need in order to get started
and in particular how this looks on our download page. We could:

1) link to the official download URL for each of the dependencies as
well as link to the uber jar in the Aries dist dir (but users have to
download them all individually),
2) release a zip separate to the uber bundle containing all the
dependencies and link to that on our downloads page, as well as a link
to the uber jar in the Aries dist dir,
3) #2 but include the uber jar in that zip as well,
4) release sample with all the dependencies to run the sample, link to
that and the uber jar which are both stored in Aries dist dir

Also include a zip of the mini-bundles.

#2 & #4 mean we would be releasing a zip containing jars not developed
at Apache, so we need do of course need to adhere to the third party
licensing policy [1]

I favour #4.

What do you all think?



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