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From zoe slattery <>
Subject Re: Aries release - the shape of repo org/apache/aries
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2010 20:45:35 GMT
Joe Bohn wrote:
> zoe slattery wrote:
>>>> 2) Sample 'assemblies'. At the moment most of the samples have a 
>>>> 'platform assembly' project which copies all the jars required to 
>>>> run the sample into a target directory and provides some minimal 
>>>> configuration. I think it might be a good idea to package the 
>>>> platforms as tar and/or zip files and make them available along 
>>>> with the sample jars. I think the right way to do this is probably 
>>>> (I'd like advice on this, I'm definitely not a Maven expert) to 
>>>> change the platform assembly projects to use the maven assembly 
>>>> plugin to create zip/tar files. I'll raise a JIRA as a sub task of 
>>>> 173 if you think this is the right thing to do.
>>> Creating the zip/tar is certainly one possible solution.  If we 
>>> decide to go that route then the first mechanism that comes to my 
>>> mind is the maven-assembly-plugin (but I'm no maven expert 
>>> either).   I'm not opposed to building the zip/tar of the platform 
>>> assemblies - but I wonder if it is really necessary.
>> I am beginning to think it probably isn't possible :-).
>> I spent some time trying to work out how to generate a platform zip 
>> for the blog sample. Generating the zip using the assembly plugin is 
>> straightforward enough but I ran into problems when the 
>> apache-release process checks the licenses. I think it's checking for 
>> META-INF/LICENCE inside every jar in the zip. Of course it doesn't 
>> find them for equinox platform jars - so it chokes.
>> A better plan would be to make a standalone-assembly project that 
>> will create a zip that just has a pom.xml (the same as the one in the 
>> the blog-assembly project) and the platform configuration files 
>> (configuration/config.ini). The zip could be extracted into say /tmp, 
>> then 'mvn install' should create the whole platform as long as the 
>> user have maven and java installed. I have this working perfectly. To 
>> create the zip I run:
>> mvn install -Papache-release
>> from within the standalone-assembly project, the  zip file is created 
>> and installed in .m2/repository. Great.
>> However - this won't work as part of build of the full tree, the 
>> problem is:
>> [INFO] [assembly:single {execution: source-release-assembly}]
>> [INFO] Skipping the assembly in this project because it's not the 
>> Execution Root
>> so, the zip file will never be built.
>> Is there another way to do this? Or am I missing something obvious? 
>> If not I think we just have to say that people who want to run the 
>> samples have to check out and build Aries - this seems less than 
>> ideal to me. My standalone-assembly project is not checked in, I can 
>> do so if anyone else wants to look at this.
> A few things come to mind here:
> 1) Back before we had the eba-maven-plugin I had a rather complicated 
> scheme to create my EBAs.  I went through a lot of hoops to create the 
> appropriate *.eba and but it involved ant and wasn't pushed to the 
> repo - so I used the build-helper-maven-plugin to push it out the 
> maven repo.  I wonder if this will work for this scenario.
> 2) Geronimo does something very similar in their build.  They generate 
> a set of geronimo assemblies in zip and tar.gz using a custom plugin - 
> geronimo-maven-plugin.  It might be a bit strange but we could 
> potentially use that plugin or perhaps copy it, strip all that we 
> don't care about and keep just what we need.
> 3) I've been told that Karaf does something similar for their 
> assemblies - not sure what they use but it might be worth a look.
I had a look at (1) and couldn't find a way that it helped. (2) and (3) 
sound interesting - we can't be the only project trying to do something 
like this.

I checked in my additional project (under the blog sample) - it does 
work if we don't use the apache-release profile but I feel there must be 
better ways...


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