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From David Bosschaert <>
Subject Re: AriesTrader sample
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 15:17:25 GMT
Excellent work!
I'm really looking forward to the JPA support and the 'official'
documentation (although I had no problems getting it to work with the
steps described below).

Best regards,


2010/1/19 Joe Bohn <>:
> I recently added a version of the Geronimo DayTrader sample (now called
> AriesTrader) into the Aries code stream under trunk/ariestrader-sample.  It
> is a reorganized version of DayTrader that leverages the Aries programming
> model (currently using a web application bundle, blueprint and jndi modules)
> with JDBC persistence using Derby.  I also have an extension that adds JPA
> persistence which I can include as that support becomes available.  I plan
> to add some documentation on the structure of the code and solicit feedback
> so that we can validate that it appropriately demonstrates the Apache Aries
> programming model.
> The sample has been around for a while and mocks up a stock trading
> application.  It has been used in the past to provide performance runs.
>  Included are typical functions for creating and managing accounts that buy
> and sell stock.  There are also primitive functions for running some
> scenarios not directly related to the primary trade functionality.
> The sample is mostly functional.  There are just 2 primitives that I know
> have some issues and there are still some graphics that I have to figure out
> how to update that mention DayTrader and Geronimo rather than the
> AriesTrader and Aries.
> I've included an equinox assembly (modeled after that provided by the blog
> sample) that can be used to run AriesTrader which uses the PAX Web
> implementation.  I'll work on creating some tutorials and documentation but
> here are some initial directions to get it running:
> - Install and configure embedded Derby, see here for instructions:
> - Checkout and build trunk/ariestrader-sample
> - cd ariestrader-sample/assemblies/ariestrader-jdbc-equinox/target
> - java tradeDB.sql
> - java -jar osgi-3.5.0.v20090520.jar -console
> - Point your web browser at
> http://localhost:8080/org.apache.aries.ariestrader.modules.ariestrader-web
> - select the "Configuration" tab and the "(Re)-populate AriesTrader
> Database" to seed the database with a default set of users and stock quotes
> - select the "Trading & Portfolios" tab to use the mock trade application or
> the "Primitives" tab to run some of the web primitive tests (PingJSPEL and
> PingServlet2JNDI are not currently working).  You can also run the "Test
> AriesTrader Scenario" from the "Configuration" tab which will launch a new
> browser window and step through a trading scenario with each reload of the
> page.
> --
> Joe

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