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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject Re: RedHat - Aries
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 12:53:22 GMT
2009/12/9 Thomas Diesler <>:
> Hi Folks,
> RedHat would like to participate in the recently introduced Aries project.

This is great!

> We have implementations of
>     * RFC 66 - Web Container
>     * RFC 98 - Transactions (based on JBossTM)
>     * RFC 124 - Blueprint Services
>     * RFC 139 - JMX Integration
>     * RFC 142 - JNDI Integration
> in various stages of completeness. There are plans of
>     * RFC 143 - JPA Integration
>     * RFP-124 - Asynchronous Communication
>     * WebServices/REST
> In case you're interested in RedHat joining the Aries effort, please let me
> know what would be next step and how particularly we could help?

I, for one, am very interested in RedHat joining Aries. Aries has code
for some of the above and will be interesting to pull your
contribution together with what we have. Aries has a small amount of
code relating to the OSGi Web Container specification which hasn't yet
been pulled into the trunk from the contrib directory. If it isn't
possible to contribute all the code together, the Web Container code
would be a nice place to start.

I may be reading between the lines, but I suspect what you propose to
contribute has been authored by multiple people at RedHat. A
contribution which is pre-existing i.e. not authored in the ASF, would
need a software grant form [1] sent to the Apache secretary. After
that, you can post the source to a JIRA issue [2] for the aries-dev
community to review (and potentially commit to SVN).

I would hope as contributor you would also wish to become a committer
:-) and indeed if more than one person authored the contribution maybe
several committers. I think once the code is available for all to see
then we should discuss on this list whether to accept the author(s) as
committers based on the contribution or to follow the route of each
author being voted in as a committer following sustained subsequent
contribution. Since we are still at the early stages of incubation I'm
ok with the former.


Thanks !!

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