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From Lin Sun <>
Subject Re: Wab url handler and imports
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2009 02:16:54 GMT
Hi, Thanks for the clarification on this.  I had a bit confused myself
with Bundle-Classpath and Import-Package.  I had hoped that by having
these web-inf/lib jars in the Bundle-Classpath (which RFC 66 mandates)
OSGi framwork would automatically detect the import-package for the
jars listed in the Bundle-Classpath thus eliminate the need to scan
these web-inf/lib jars, but it doesn't seem to be the case.


On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 1:32 PM, Valentin Mahrwald
<> wrote:
> We shouldn't need to scan embedded jars (i.e. in web-inf/lib) if they have a
> valid bundle manifest.
> Otherwise, we probably want to scan them for the reason that they might use
> common app server packages on behalf of the war (such as Spring using JTA
> for example). However, it makes (some) sense to generate them as optional
> because otherwise common utility libraries like commons logging are going to
> generate loads of random imports that will almost certainly not be
> satisfied.
> As for the packages directly used from the war (i.e. out of
> web-inf/classes), they will probably not be optional most of the time. But
> then according to what Ian wrote earlier, I think the initial assumption is
> that the WAR should not be using any dependencies other than those in the
> embedded libraries and possibly standard app server dependencies.
> In any case generating everything as optional seems to me like the simplest
> solution that will provide some value. Even if dependencies are missing the
> user would be able to work out which ones those are from the generated
> optional imports. So we are not doing a lot worse than failing at install
> time with that.
> Regards,
> Valentin
> On 5 Oct 2009, at 18:21, Lin Sun wrote:
>> Is this scanning going to be done for the classes in web-inf/classes
>> dir or both the web-inf/classes & jars in web-info/lib dir?   RFC 66
>> requires all jars from web-inf/lib to be added to the Bundle-Classpath
>> manifest header and if we assume the user has packed the war
>> dependencies in the war file, I wonder if we need to scan the jars in
>> web-inf/lib dir?
>> If we do need to scan both (the later case), would the packages needed
>> by the classes in web-inf/classes dir marked as required  (if it is
>> not importing from within the war) while the packages needed by
>> classes in web-inf/lib dir marked as optional?
>> Thanks
>> Lin
>> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 9:41 AM, Valentin Mahrwald
>> <> wrote:
>>> My suggestion was, going with Guillaume's initial suggestion, to scan for
>>> dependencies but generate them all as optional.

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