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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject Re: People page for aries
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 15:07:19 GMT
2009/10/23 Alasdair Nottingham <>:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the information. I have been trying to get my head around
> all this. Based on the guidelines, what has been said here and an
> attempt to read between the lines I think the idea is that things
> operate like this:
> Voting is important both in podlings and in top level projects. When
> making decisions about how the podling should operate that do not have
> legal implications any vote by any member of the PPMC is considered
> binding in making decisions. This allows the PPMC to learn the process
> of managing the podling. While this is not explicitly covered in the
> guides it seems logical to me, and consistent with the goal of the
> PPMC learning how to run a project.

That's been my understanding in seeing incubating projects go by over
the years, but I'm not an IPMC member. A useful example that involves
binding votes that doesn't require IPMC voting is when in the R-T-C
(review then commit) mode in SVN which typically operates when someone
has developed some code in a branch and now wants to merge that with
the trunk. A vote is called for the branch to me merged and the
binding votes are the people on the PPMC and this vote doesn't need
IPMC members (although in our case since we have a good number of IPMC
members we'll probably get those votes anyway :-)

> When it comes to voting in a new committer I think that while the IPMC
> members votes are binding the guidelines say that the PPMC is
> responsible for recommending new committers. To gain such a
> recommendation a vote is held and the PPMC members votes are binding
> (this is not sufficient for committer access to be granted though). If
> the decision is to recommend and 3 IPMC members vote

and those IPMC member votes are positive (sorry being picky)

> then it goes to
> the IPMC for silent consensus. If the decision is to recommend and
> less than 3 IPMC members vote then it goes to the IPMC for a full vote
> as per the process.
> When it comes to voting for a release I the same rules should apply as
> for voting in a new committer.
> I have tried to interpret the rules, but this is the best
> interpretation I have come up with.
> What do people think?

I think this is good and should be more explicit in the Incubator
guidelines ... perhaps take up the discussion on general@


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