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From Ian Robinson <>
Subject Re: Running TCKs on our code
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 21:00:30 GMT
My understanding from speaking to Dan Bandera (IBM's member of the OSGi 
BoD ) is that the OSGi Alliance BoD recognize that qualified 
not-for-profit organizations, such as ASF, have a need for OSGi 
Compliance Tests at no-charge, as evidenced by the Alliance's JSR 291 
TCK license ( see: ). I 
understand the Alliance has work in-progress now that will provide the 
OSGi Compliance Tests (which are undergoing OSGi member approval now) 
for the newly approved and published OSGi Service Platform Release 4 
Version 4.2 Specifications under a similar license in the near future. 
If that license turns out to be acceptable to the ASF then we should be 
able to evolve to a position where we won't need a special mailing list 
for discussing finalized OSGi CTs.


Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Oct 2, 2009, at 10:27 AM, Jeremy Hughes wrote:
>> 2009/10/2 Alan D. Cabrera <>:
>>> Luckily there's a couple of Alliance members in this project who can 
>>> perform
>>> this task until things get sorted out.
>>> In any case we'll need a TCK mailing list; I'll get that done.  I'm 
>>> not sure
>>> how we'll vet membership.  David, since you're a chair maybe you could
>>> provide a list?
>> Is there a precedent for a TCK mailing list on other Apache projects?
>> What are the rules for entry? What gets discussed there that can't be
>> discussed on the dev@ list? I just want to be clear on what we're
>> talking about.
> Hi Jeremy,
> Yes. There are TCK-specific mailing lists and TCK-specific SVN trees 
> within Apache. Access is limited to Apache committers who have signed 
> the following NDA --
> TCK materials must be protected and kept private. Beyond PASS and 
> FAIL, there are limits on detailed discussions of the tests on public 
> mailing lists. Any specific discussions occur on the private TCK 
> mailing list.
>> I'm guessing the purpose of a TCK mailing list would be to discuss
>> everything around running OSGi Compliance Tests, since I believe the
>> OSGi Alliance only allows its members to download (maybe there are
>> other levels of OSGi affiliation that would allow this too I don't
>> know).
>> What do other Apache projects do in this situation? Is there guidance
>> or are we breaking new ground (in particular with the OSGi). Hasn't
>> Felix come up against this before? What happens there?
> It sounds like the Felix "project" is not running TCK tests. Rather, 
> "individuals" (who are also members of the Alliance) are running TCK 
> tests on the Felix code.
> --kevan

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