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Subject svn commit: r1693541 - /aries/site/trunk/content/development/buildingaries.mdtext
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2015 08:27:03 GMT
Author: cschneider
Date: Fri Jul 31 08:27:02 2015
New Revision: 1693541

Updating building


Modified: aries/site/trunk/content/development/buildingaries.mdtext
--- aries/site/trunk/content/development/buildingaries.mdtext (original)
+++ aries/site/trunk/content/development/buildingaries.mdtext Fri Jul 31 08:27:02 2015
@@ -1,124 +1,42 @@
 Title: BuildingAries
 <a name="BuildingAries-ExtractingandbuildingAries"></a>
-# Extracting and building Aries
-There are two ways to do this. The first avoids using the command line but
-can leave you with some fixing up to do on the projects.
 <a name="BuildingAries-Prereqs"></a>
 ## Prereqs
- * Check that Maven is 2.0.10 or higher (mvn --version)
- * Download and extract eclipse-jee-ganymede-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz (this is
-the 3.4 version)
- * Install Subversion client (Just
-the Subclipse and Core)
- * Install m2eclipse (Maven
-Integration and Maven optional components)
+ * Maven 3.2.5 (mvn --version). Current maven 3.3.x has an error with parent poms
+ * Subversion client >= 1.8.x
+ * Eclipse Luna
+<a name="BuildingAries-CheckoutAndBuild"></a>
+## Checkout and build on the command line
+ * Check out sources: svn co aries
+ * cd aries
+ * mvn clean install -DskipTests=true
-<a name="BuildingAries-BuildatthecommandlinethenimportintoEclipseifyouneedEclipse."></a>
-## Build at the command line then import into Eclipse if you need Eclipse.
-This is the easiest way to build Aries and then work on the modules using
-Eclipse. If you don't care about Eclipse go to the next section.
+You should now have succesfully compiled aries trunk.
+As a next step you can run the tests too.
- * check out from the command line: svn co
- aries
- * cd aries
- * cd parent
- * mvn clean install
- * cd ../eba-maven-plugin
- * mvn clean install (*See note below*)
- * cd ..
- * mvn clean install
- * mvn eclipse:eclipse (should see 'BUILD SUCCESSFUL' message)
- * fire up eclipse and switch to the Java perspective
- * import the projects. File->import->General->existing projects into
-workspace. Import 'blueprint, 'jndi', 'testsupport' and 'transaction'
-If everything looks good run a	maven build with the target 'install' (adds
-jars to your local repository) or 'package' (just creates jars in your
-workspace). Hit F5 in the package explorer view to refresh and you should
-see packaged jar files under the *target* directories in the projects.
-- - - 
-Note: There is currently (September 2010) what appears to be a timing issue
-that is causing unpredictable test failures during a full build. If you see
-test failures, try 'mvn install -fae'
-- - - 
-<a name="BuildingAries-Justbuildit-noEclipse"></a>
-## Just build it - no Eclipse
- * check out from the command line: svn co
- aries
- * cd aries
- * cd parent
- * mvn clean install
- * cd ../eba-maven-plugin
- * mvn clean install
- * cd ..
- * mvn clean
- * *mvn -fn install* (-fn continues after failures), or {{mvn -fn
-package}} (alternatively, you can disable the tests with {{mvn
--Dmaven.test.skip=true install}} with the side-effect of making the build
-process much faster)
-<a name="BuildingAries-Eclipseonly"></a>
-## Eclipse only
-This should work if you are command-line averse. On the other hand it seems
-to be the best way to get into a mess with the M2Eclipse plugin.
- * In the SVN view, add the aries repository
- * Expand the repository, right click on trunk and take 'check out as Maven
-There will be errors in the projects. To fix these:
- * Right click on pom/xml in the aries project, select 'run as Maven
- * Type 'clean' in as the build goal
- * Repeat the process using 'eclipse:eclipse' as the build goals'
- * Close and re-open all the projects
-If there are still failures see the "Fixing failures" step below. If
-everything looks good run a final maven build with the target 'install'
-(adds jars to your local repository) or 'package' (just creates jars in
-your workspace). Hit F5 in the package explorer view to refresh and you
-should see packaged jar files under the *target* directories in the
-<a name="BuildingAries-Fixingfailures"></a>
-## Fixing failures
-<a name="BuildingAries-InEclipse"></a>
-##### In Eclipse
-You will see some of the blueprint projects don't build. To fix this you
-need to comment out the following line:
-    <!-- <classpathentry kind="src"
-    path="/Users/linsun/aries/blueprint/blueprint-api/src/main/resources/org/osgi/service/blueprint"
-    including="blueprint.xsd" excluding="**/*.java"/> -->
-in the .classpath file in the aries-blueprint-core project.
-If there is a build error in the org.apache.aries.blueprint.itests project
-then remove this jar:
+* mvn clean install -fae
+<a name="BuildingAries-ImportIntoEclipse"></a>
+# Import into eclipse using m2e
+* Start eclipse. Use a workspace directory separate from your source checkout of aries
+* File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing maven projects -> Browse to aries directory
-> Select the projects to import -> Finish
+* At some projects you might see some markers that m2e does not know how to work with certain
maven plugins. Use the Ctrl-1 shortcut on these markers and set them to be ignored and let
eclipse store this in the eclipse preferences. Do not select to add the ignore to the maven
-    org/apache/felix/
+After these steps you should have imported your selected aries projects into eclipse. 
-from the project's classpath.
+<a name="BuildingAries-CodeStyle"></a>
+# Code Styles
-If there is a build error in the aries-jmx-core project then configure this
-project's build path to add the JRE System Library to Java Build Path.
+There are not yet complete code formatters and checkstyle rules for aries. In the mean time
you can set these rules.
-There should be no outstanding errors.
+* 4 spaces instead of tabs
+* Line width 130 characters
 <a name="BuildingAries-Outofmemoryerrors"></a>
 ##### Out of memory errors
@@ -126,8 +44,5 @@ You may find that building Aries fails w
 some systems (eg Mac)  if you use the standard Java settings. Setting the
 two environment variables as shown below may help.
-    export MAVEN_OPTS="-XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Xms512m -Xmx512m
-    -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError"
-    export JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m
-    -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError"
+export MAVEN_OPTS="-XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Xms512m -Xmx512m"

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