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Subject svn commit: r1401647 - /aries/trunk/subsystem/readme.txt
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 12:28:50 GMT
Author: jwross
Date: Wed Oct 24 12:28:49 2012
New Revision: 1401647

Updated README.

Removed instructions for using the maven-dependency-plugin in order to locate required resources
that are not in repositories
as they are no longer needed.

Added some additional detail on building, running, using, and known issues.


Modified: aries/trunk/subsystem/readme.txt
--- aries/trunk/subsystem/readme.txt (original)
+++ aries/trunk/subsystem/readme.txt Wed Oct 24 12:28:49 2012
@@ -1,45 +1,36 @@
-The Subsystems subproject uses some unreleased and difficult to find equinox 
-There's a profile to download them automatically like this:
-mvn clean install -Pfetch-external
-The normal build is now in the default profile so if you are running any other 
-profiles you will need
-mvn clean install -Pdefault,<your other profiles>
-PLEASE if you change the version of these jars used in subsystems UPDATE THE 
-DOWNLOAD INFO in the subsystem root pom.
-The downloader is from here:
-In order to use the downloader, you must do
-svn co
-then run "mvn install" from the maven-external-dependency-plugin directory so 
-that it is accessible from your local m2 repository before running 
-mvn clean install -Pfetch-external 
-from the subsystem project. If successful, you must the also run 
-mvn clean install -Pdefault 
-from the aries/subsystem directory. Additionally, you will need dependencies in 
-your local m2 repository obtained from executing "mvn clean install" from the 
-aries/util/util and aries/application directories.
+Follow the procedure for building Aries described at
-Sometimes nightly, and often integration, builds are used for the Eclipse related dependencies.
These builds have expiration dates and eventually disappear from the download site. Make sure
the subsystem POM is not referencing an expired build.
-Running "mvn clean install -Pdefault" for the first time from a clean workspace usually results
in test errors due to missing test files. These test files are generated as part of the build
before the tests are executed. It appears they simply aren't picked up by the test on the
first execution. Rerunning the tests should fix the issue.
+The following bundles are required to run subsystems. All are available in at least one of
the repositories configured within the Aries parent POM.
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries",             "org.apache.aries.util").version("1.0.1-SNAPSHOT"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries.application", "org.apache.aries.application.api").version("1.0.0"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries.application", "org.apache.aries.application.modeller").version("1.0.0"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries.application", "org.apache.aries.application.utils").version("1.0.0"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries.blueprint",   "org.apache.aries.blueprint").version("1.0.0"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries.proxy",       "org.apache.aries.proxy").version("1.0.1-SNAPSHOT"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries.subsystem",   "org.apache.aries.subsystem.api").version("1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.aries.subsystem",   "org.apache.aries.subsystem.core").version("1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"),
+mavenBundle("org.apache.felix",             "org.apache.felix.resolver")version("0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"),,
+mavenBundle("org.eclipse.equinox",          "org.eclipse.equinox.coordinator").version("1.1.0.v20120522-1841"),
+mavenBundle("org.eclipse.equinox",          "org.eclipse.equinox.region").version("1.1.0.v20120522-1841")
+When installing subsystems from a directory structure, note that the names of nested directories
representing child subsystems must end with ".esa". The root directory does not.
+Does not currently support service dependencies provided by child subsystems. This will fail
with a resolution exception because, during installation of the parent along with its child,
the child has not reached the state where service capabilities have been computed before they
are needed.
-One of the tests has a dependency on derby, version>=10.5.0 being in the local .m2 repository.
When setting up a clean Maven environment, it appears that sometimes this bundle does not
get into the repository.xml generated by the subsystem tests in the .m2/repository directory.
The solution is to delete the repostiory.xml file and rerun the tests.

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