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Subject svn commit: r794529 - in /websites/production/aries: ./ content/documentation/tools/repositoryGenerator.html
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 08:46:53 GMT
Author: ejiang
Date: Thu Aug 18 08:46:53 2011
New Revision: 794529

Publishing merge to aries site by ejiang

    websites/production/aries/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/production/aries/
--- svn:mergeinfo (original)
+++ svn:mergeinfo Thu Aug 18 08:46:53 2011
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/production/aries/content/documentation/tools/repositoryGenerator.html
--- websites/production/aries/content/documentation/tools/repositoryGenerator.html (original)
+++ websites/production/aries/content/documentation/tools/repositoryGenerator.html Thu Aug
18 08:46:53 2011
@@ -250,13 +250,17 @@
             <div class="wiki-content"><h2 id="repository_generation_tool">Repository
Generation Tool</h2>
 <p>It is a command line tool to generate a repository xml for a list of bundles. The
instruction is as follows.</p>
-<li>Obtain the tool <Br/>
+<p>Obtain the tool <Br/>
 a) Build the tool from Aries trunk. <br/>
  The easiest way to obtain the tool is to download the aries trunk, navigate
-to the  '<em>application-&gt;application-tooling-repository-generator</em>',
and then run <em>mvn install</em>, copy all jars from the the target directory.
-b) Download the tool <br/>
-The tool can be downloaded from <a href="">here</a>. Unzip
the zip to a directory and change the current directory to that directory.<br/><br/></li>
-<li>Execute the command line tool<br/><blockquote><em>java -jar org.apache.aries.application.tooling.repository.generator-xxx.jar
[repository xml location] url1 [url2...]</em></blockquote>
+to the  '<em>application-&gt;application-tooling-repository-generator</em>',
and then run <em>mvn install</em>, copy all jars from the the target directory.
+<p>Execute the command line tool<br/></p>
+<p><em>java -jar org.apache.aries.application.tooling.repository.generator-xxx.jar
[repository xml location] url1 [url2...]</em></p>
 <p>Note: The text under the [] is optional. If [repository xml loaction] is absent,
the repository.xml file will be generated under the current directory. </p>

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