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Subject svn commit: r1062682 - /aries/site/trunk/content/development/releasingaries.mdtext
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 08:49:54 GMT
Author: zoe
Date: Mon Jan 24 08:49:54 2011
New Revision: 1062682

remove refs to incubator


Modified: aries/site/trunk/content/development/releasingaries.mdtext
--- aries/site/trunk/content/development/releasingaries.mdtext (original)
+++ aries/site/trunk/content/development/releasingaries.mdtext Mon Jan 24 08:49:54 2011
@@ -267,16 +267,12 @@ expect you should close the staging repo
 so that people can check the release.
 <a name="ReleasingAries-Runningthevote(s)"></a>
-### Running the vote(s)
+### Running the vote.
-Two votes are required for an incubator release. The first from the list, the second from These run consecutively, 72 hours is required
-for each vote.
 After all the modules are present in the staging repository you will need
 to close the repository so that reviewers can access the modules. At this
-point you should write two notes to the aries-dev mailing list.
+point you should write two notes to the mailing list.
  * Subject \[VOTE\]
  Apache Aries (Incubating) version 0.X-incubating release candidate 02

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