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From Arthur Berezin <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Website
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2017 12:50:19 GMT
John, Suneel,  We would like to migrate the website to Jekyll, where can I
find more information on what servers the web pages from the ASF repos? Is
there anyone that could help with the migration process, setting up needed
asf infrastructure?

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 2:39 PM Arthur Berezin <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I would like to follow up on this, and pick up the ball for updating
> ARIA's website according to ASF guidelines.
> [comments inline]
> On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 4:43 PM John D. Ament <>
> wrote:
> All,
> AriaTosca has been incubating since August and still does not have a
> website.  IMHO this is a potential problem, especially around community
> building.
> One idea may be to use the newly crafted Apache Website Template to build
> the website.  You can see the template here:
> - its based on jekyll.
> The flipside, there's already which I'm assuming is
> this podling.  It may make sense for this website to become our website,
> focused on the underlying Apache community.
> You are correct, is the website we brought up for the
> ARIA TOSCA Podling,it was brought up before it was accepted as an asf
> Incubator project. I would like to make sure we are compliant with ASF
> process as well, and we have all needed information there.
> Can we use this this as a starting point, add the missing information
> expected to be there?
> I've highlighted the gaps we should complete, based on the the Podling
> webisite guildeline:
>    - Project Home Page: the primary entry point to the site; contains
>    project description, news, invitation to join the project.
>    - License Page: usually, the Apache License 2.0
>    - Downloads: many projects in incubation will release code, and this
>    page describes them and has links to the download pages that redirect to
>    Apache Mirror sites.
>    - Documentation: this page describes the project documentation,
>    including javadoc for Java projects; guides, tutorials, and links to
>    external documentation.
>    - *Committers: *a list of current committers on the project.
>    - *Mailing Lists:* there are several mailing lists that the community
>    might be interested in, and this page contains mailto: links that
>    allow easy subscription (and unsubscription) to any of them.
>    - *FAQ: *frequently asked questions are answered here.
>    - Road Map: if the project has a vision of future community or
>    development activities, the road map is published here.
>    - *Source Code: *links to the browsable source repository and svn
>    commands to check out the sources.
>    - Coding Standards: the coding standards for submitted code by the
>    community, along with a description of how strict the project intends to be.
>    - *Issue Tracking: *links to the JIRA or other issue tracking tool,
>    possibly including frequently used filters for issue lists.
>    - Dependencies: other projects that this project depends on.
>    - favicon: the project's icon in a format suitable for a browser's
>    address bar. If absent, an Apache Feather will be displayed.
> Once we have that ironed our, we need to figure out a solution to getting
> the website published.  The current recommended solution is gitpubsub.
> It
> involves setting up a buildbot to monitor this repo to rebuild the asf-site
> branch, then serving that asf-site branch as the actual website.  Its
> similar to how github pages work, except you get an apache domain.
> Currently is a wordpress app running on AWS. The reason
> wordpress was chosen was due the low effort and speed we chould bring up a
> graphically designed website, and add content quickly as we go along.
> John, Suneel, what would be the recomendation here? Should we migrate to
> Jekyll?
> Arthur
> John

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