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From "Eric Barboni" <>
Subject RE: Fwd: Archiva 2.2: difficulties with the WebApp
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2015 11:22:27 GMT
 Sorry for late response 

1)but the issue you have using "view artifact content" should be fixed in 2.2.1, if you need
this feature you have to download the snapshot version.     See here
2) I have not idea, our it configure it as tomcat application

a) we use 2.2.1-snapshot as production (we should'nt but it's enough for our usage) 
b) archiva 1.3.x is ony fixed for security issue but will not add feature.

I some point are not solved, or if documentation is not good enough please feel free to 
Raise an issue 


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De : Thomas Goeppel [] 
Envoyé : dimanche 19 juillet 2015 12:00
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Objet : Re: Fwd: Archiva 2.2: difficulties with the WebApp

I dug a bit deeper, and also took a quick tour-de-code, and this is what I found:

On 18/07/15 21:58, Thomas Goeppel wrote:
> 1) Using the "View Artifact Content" feature in the Browse Repository
> view: clicking on the magnifying glass remains without visible result.
It looks like the "View Artifact Content" is yet to be implemented (there is no <a href>
tag in in the `search.html` template)

> 2) It looks like my installation doesn't handle the Jetty contextPath
> correctly: downloading artifacts from the webapp only works when I use 
> "/" as the contextPath, not e.g. "/archiva"

The browser shows
When I peak into the expanded `search.html` template I see the following:

   <img src="images/drive-removable-media-16-16.png" title="Download Artifact"> </a>

My Archiva instance is behind a reverse proxy, and it looks like 'restServices/archivaServices/browseService/artifactDownloadInfos/'

(called by
'#artifact-details-download-content') has an issue.

The fact that the issue doesn't appear to be in 'archiva-webapp' but in 'archiva-rest-services'
raises the question if operating Archiva behind a reverse proxy is viable in a production

> 3) When I use "/archiva" as the contextPath, clicking on the Archiva 
> logo in the upper left corner brings me to "" instead 
> of "".
OK, this can be fixed easily by entering in the #uiconfig
It's almost reassuring that Archiva didn't try to take me to "http://localhost:8090" like
in the case above.

==> New question:

a) would you recommend using Archiva 2.2.0 in a production environment (without using a reverse

b) would using Archiva 1.3.9 be an option?

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