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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Archiva upgrade issues (related to issue MRM-1859)
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2014 04:00:41 GMT
Hi Richard,

Maybe Deng, one of the developers who filed this issue, can shed some light. I'm not sure
why that log would cause an issue (nor why would be on the filesystem,
since that's a Maven local repository concept as far as I know).

To your original problem: maybe you can get what you need from the repository just using Maven
conventions, rather than the REST API. For example, the following Puppet module does similar
actions to what you've described:

The structure of a Maven repository is predictable. As for versions - it is intended that
you keep deploying the "SNAPSHOT" version, and Maven takes care of timestamping that in the
repository. The maven-metadata.xml file tracks the latest timestamp in use, and Archiva can
be enabled to automatically purge old versions. Does that help at all?


On 10 Oct 2014, at 12:53 am, Richard Milner-Watts <> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I'm experiencing a bit of an issue with Archiva after upgrading that appears to be issue
MRM-1859 - however that issue is only mentioned against version 2.1.1 - I'm experiencing it
on versions 2.0.1, 2.1.0 and 2.1.1.
> Some quick background in what I'm trying to actually do, on one of our projects here
the development team have chosen to use Maven for builds/dependency resolution - artifacts
are then stored in Archiva.  They haven't been incrementing the X.X.X-SNAPSHOT version numbers
properly, so I may find anywhere from 10's to 100's of builds against a given SNAPSHOT version.
> I'm trying to write a remote deployment framework which will pull multiple artifacts
out of Archiva (using Ant & bash) and store the latest build of said artifacts at that
particular point in time, which I can then package up and distribute/deploy appropriately
across disparate remote servers.  Having spent a fair bit of time trying to work out how to
get an artifact out of Archiva programmatically and onto the filesystem, I've settled on the
REST interface.  I'm using /restServices/archivaServices/browseService/artifactDownloadInfos/g/a/v/
to get the JSON document with the download URL, parsing it and then downloading the artifacts
- so far so good.
> My development was done against a different Archiva installation that my team use for
a different project (Archiva 2.0.1 standalone, OpenJDK, RedHat 6.4) and everything
works as expected.  I went to test against the projects' Archiva and found they are running
Archiva 1.3.6 still - therefore the REST interfaces aren't available.  Note that the projects'
Archiva is running on a Windows machine using the Oracle JRE
> So I decided to upgrade their Archiva to 2.1.1 to get the REST functionality, migrating
the repositories and user databases and duplicating a small number of configuration tweaks
they'd made to the out of the box Archiva configuration (Archiva.xml, Jetty.xml).  I experienced
the exact issue described in MRM-1859 ( when trying
to browse artifacts via the web UI or via the REST interface.
> Fair enough, so I tried the same upgrade process to version 2.1.0 with the same results.
 Alright, well I *know* 2.0.1 works as I have it working elsewhere, so I upgraded to 2.0.1
the third time around and still had the same issue...
> In my mind this potentially signifies three possible culprits:
> -          The repository database itself or some of our customisations to the archiva.xml
configuration are causing this problem.
> -          There's an issue with the Oracle JRE we are using (latest 1.7, upgraded yesterday
when I clocked that Archiva 2.x needs a 1.7 JRE)
> -          There is a Windows specific issue here
> Does anyone have any potential solutions to suggest here, either to solve my original
problem without upgrading Archiva or as to why I'm having issues with these
> Many thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
> Richard Milner-Watts
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