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From John DeStefano <>
Subject Re: Archiva logging configuration for RHEL 6
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 16:39:22 GMT
Hi Chris,

Yes: I've hacked the init script and added the env variables there;
this seems to get Tomcat through enough to start up, but I still see
Catalina errors regarding the log files.  The only way past this seems
to be editing the files in webapps/archiva/WEB-INF/classes/ after
Tomcat starts and adding absolute paths there, which means these
variables still aren't getting through Tomcat to Archiva.  I'm seeing
the same exact problems with another webapp (Continuum), except those
are a bit worse: on Tomcat start, Continuum creates a directory called
`${appserver.base}` in $CATALINA_HOME.

Unfortunately, the latest version of Tomcat in RHEL 6.2 available
through official RH channels is the one I have installed (6.0.24).  I
read the Jira document, and I'm a bit surprised: I read through the
bug report you'd referenced, which is marked a duplicate of another
bug, which seems to have been dismissed as an invalid report:

Thanks for your help.


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