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From John DeStefano <>
Subject Re: Archiva logging configuration for RHEL 6
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 20:10:35 GMT
Hi Chris,

On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 2:19 AM, Chris Mylonas <> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Give the tomcat download a go IMO.  if you're using centos, then you're not
really bound to RHEL licensing for support.

That would be the simple way to go. However, I'm on RHEL, and support
is an issue.  I'd much rather use the system Tomcat package if at all
possible.  It seems that upgrading via RPM would also ease future
updates, instead of manually migrating Archiva and other webapps to a
newer Tomcat tarball directory/version.

> I just threw that bug report in there because it may be related from some docs I came
across  last week.

Well, you may be on to something with that after all; I found this in
the Tomcat wiki, which points to leak problems in 6.0.24 and earlier,
specifically with ContextClassLoader:

Unfortunately, if I want to stick with the stock RHEL package, I have
to assume they've patched their version, or find a way to work around
any leaks that may occur.

> Unzip into /opt and hack the init script vars.
> Use this init script if you don't want to tamper what you've already got.

I took a look at this: the RHEL package changes the layout of base
directories significantly, especially within the bin/ directory,
paring it down to two .JAR files and a catalina-tasks.xml, meaning
there are no or other scripts in bin/.  Thus, just
transposing the script from the Apache tarball to the RHEL
installation doesn't seem feasible.

> I usually run non-distro java and non-distro apache - just to stay 100% jdk/container,
"just in case" of peculiarities.
> This way you can test the apache d/l (current version) vs. redhat's version without conflicting...

The more I look at this, the more I tend to agree that the tarball may
be the best way to go.  But I'd really prefer to figure this out, or
at least give a best effort before giving up, which would mean
maintaining the software package would become my problem instead of
the system's (a clear advantage for the RHEL package).

> I'm a fairly noob archiva user of 18 months but don't really do anything substantial
with it yet - it just serves up a few poms/jars.
> re: continuum, it sounds like you're running through the packt book - true?

No, just following along with the Archiva documentation and wiki, both
of which still refer to to set these values.  Again, I
assume this works just fine for folks using the tarballs, but not for
RHEL 6 packages.


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