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From Sascha Vogt <>
Subject Re: issue about archiva
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 09:35:04 GMT
Did you check

Make sure to check the properties here:


Am 28.03.2012 08:27, schrieb Sunny (Quyang) Liu:
> *   Another question do you configure usermanagement  with Active
> Directory before? In that WIKI, it didn’t tell us that where we put
> our file and in
> apache-archiva-x.y\apps\archiva\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\plexus\application.xml
> how should I uncomment and personalize them I even could  not find
> the application.xml file
> * From: [] On Behalf Of
> Deng Ching Sent: 2012年3月28日 11:47 To: Cc:
> Sunny (Quyang) Liu Subject: Re: issue about archiva
> Cool! There are a lot of UI changes that Olivier is working on in
> trunk right now, you might want to watch out for the next coming
> releases for the new UI ;-) 2012/3/28 Sunny (Quyang) Liu
> <<>> Hi~~ my problem had get
> resolved 。 I updates Archiva’version from 1.3.5 to 1.4-M2  then , I
> can input these parameters thx you all the same~!
> From:<>
> [<>] On Behalf Of
> Deng Ching Sent: 2012年3月28日 11:22 To:
><> Cc: Sunny
> (Quyang) Liu Subject: Re: issue about archiva
> Hi,
> Attachments are not allowed on the mailing lists so it got removed,
> but I took a look at the screenshot you provided while your email was
> on the moderation queue. Did you try to clear your browser's cache?
> What version of firefox were you using btw? You might also want to
> try it in a different browser and see if it works there to help
> identify what's causing the input area not to show up.
> Thanks, Deng
> 2012/3/28 Sunny (Quyang) Liu
> <<>> HI~~ guys I have
> installed Archiva on Windows 2008 R2 but Look at that tt ,Full name
> and Email Address are required but I have not found the way to input
> the Full name and Email Address parameters,could  you help me ?thx

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