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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Request for Info on Archiva Performance
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2011 23:22:59 GMT

On 30/04/2011, at 4:44 AM, Steve Solomon wrote:

> Hello Archiva community,
> My company is considering deploying Archiva in our LAN to be used as the
> repository server for Maven builds. My question has to do with performance.
> Will Archiva, as configured out of the box, be able to handle repository
> requests on the order of 50 users (worst case) at a time? More typical usage
> would be 1-5 concurrent clients. Are there any configuration settings to
> enable this level of throughput?

I wouldn't expect any issues with that number of artifacts in normal usage patterns.

I don't see any reason this would be a problem for serving artifacts - they have a low overhead.
Any configuration would be at the Jetty/Tomcat/etc. level if you need to tune.

If you are proxying external repositories constantly, that can start to use more network and
i/o that might have some impact.

> I have a second question about hardware. We are considering acquiring a
> dedicated hardware server for our Archiva instance. Are there any special
> hardware considerations we should know about? For example, is it necessary
> or desirable to have a RAID architecture?

If you are deploying your own releases, you will want a reasonable recovery/backup scenario
that might include RAID. Most of everything else that Archiva produces at this point can be
regenerated from artifacts and can be recovered if lost.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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