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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: HTTP code 500 when trying to access a artifact.
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2010 23:19:54 GMT
Do you see anything in the archiva server log that would correspond to the return of the 500

- Brett

On 01/10/2010, at 1:13 AM, Michael Delaney wrote:

> All,
> Our Archiva 1.1.2 server has started to act up a lot as of late. We're seeing some 500
error codes when trying to deply our artifacts. We're also seeing some behavior where an artifact
is uploaded to Archiva (any type: pom, zip, jar, war; of varying size) but build freezes during
the "upload" process. The newly updated file is accessible via WGET/HTTP calls but the build
doesn't progress.
> I assume this requires me to bump a logging value in log4j but I'm not sure which ones
I should bump; or just brute force it and bump all of them.
> [ Error Snippet ]
> [INFO] Error deploying artifact: Failed to transfer file: http://archiva:8080/archiva/repository/snapshot/groupId/myProject/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/myProject-1.0.0-20100930.010002-48-config.jar.
Return code is: 500

Brett Porter

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