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From "Michael Delaney" <>
Subject Re: Artifact cleanup
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 15:13:36 GMT
Let me explain a little more.

In the location in question, we're pushing release and snapshot builds 
(I included an example metadata file). In the case that was brought to 
my attention, the artifact referenced by <latest> was removed by me, but 
the metadata file was never updated to set the latest version to 2.0.0 
(same version as the release version).

Hope that helps a little.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <latest>1.0-SNAPSHOT</latest> <!-- Artifact I removed manually -->

Michael Delaney wrote:
> Deng,
> Ya, I'm familiar with the page your talking about and both consumers 
> are active but the metadata-updater consumer has been active since day 
> one for our Archiva installation. The artifact that I removed was 
> almost a month ago and still the metadata was never updated. Is this 
> something I kick off manually? When should this (metadata update) happen?
> Deng Ching wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> The metadata-updater consumer should fix the metadata files for you. 
>> There's
>> also the repository-purge consumer you can use for regular purging of 
>> the
>> repositories. Both of them are executed when a repo scan is 
>> triggered. They
>> can be enabled/disabled from the Repository Scanning page but you 
>> need to
>> restart Archiva for the changes to take effect (this is a known issue in
>> Archiva).
>> Thanks,
>> Deng

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