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From James Baldassari <>
Subject 404 when retrieving tar.bz2 assembly artifact deployed to Archiva
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 14:52:05 GMT

I have a project (packaging = pom) that builds a tar.bz2 assembly in its
package phase and deploys the assembly when the project is deployed.  If
I build/deploy the project and navigate to
http://myarchivaserver/archiva/repository/internal/myGroupId/myArtifactId/1.0-SNAPSHOT/ I


I can access all of the *.pom* files without any problem, but if I
attempt to download any of the *.tar.bz2* files Archiva returns a 404.
I have verified that the file does indeed exist in the Archiva
repository on the filesystem.  If I browse to my project in Archiva
(http://myarchivaserver/archiva/browse/myGroupId/myArtifactId/1.0-SNAPSHOT), I see a link
called "Distribution-bzip" in the Downloads section in the  upper right.  This links to http://myarchivaserver/archiva/repository/internal/myGroupId/myArtifactId/1.0-SNAPSHOT/myArtifactId-1.0-20090708.125341-38-release.distribution-bzip,
which does not exist.  However, if I manually rename myArtifactId-1.0-20090708.125341-38-release.tar.bz2
to myArtifactId-1.0-20090708.125341-38-release.distribution-bzip in the Archiva repository
(and similarly rename the checksum files), I can download the tar.bz2 file, and the project
that depends on it can also access it.  So it seems like Archiva is translating requests for
myArtifactId-1.0-20090708.125341-38-release.tar.bz2 to myArtifactId-1.0-20090708.125341-38-release.distribution-bzip,
but when the archive is deployed to Archiva it isn't renamed to myArtifactId-1.0-20090708.125341-38-release.distribution-bzip.

I've searched the issue tracker and mailing lists, but I haven't seen
any issues exactly like this.  This seems to be a similar problem: but it looks like it's related
to proxying Maven 1 repositories.  If anyone has any ideas about how to
fix this I would really appreciate it.  If not I guess I'll create an
issue in JIRA.

James Baldassari

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