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From Andrew Marlow <>
Subject how to populate my local archiva repo with the contents of a maven2 repo I downloaded via wget
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2008 11:52:59 GMT

I am new to archiva and I am struggling. It seems really hard to set 
things up so that my ant build with ivy will work. I can only get it to 
work when I tell ivy that the repo is an established maven2 mirror.

I want to have my own repo mgd by archiva. I tried setting one by hand 
but I couldn't get it to work and even if I could, it would be really 
tedious to set up every pom and jar by hand. Not to mention that to do 
so would involve having all the poms and jars so that they could be 
uploaded to archiva in the first place. So I thought I would use wget to 
download a complete repo from This download 
eventually completed and all the poms and jars were there. I configured 
apache so that the repo was available via my local web server. I can 
browse this repo just fine. I then changed my ivy config to point to 
these pages using this directive:

    <ibiblio name="mavenProxy" m2compatible="true" usepoms="true"
      root="http://defiant/maven2/" pattern="${artifact.pattern}" />

(defiant is the name of my machine). This gave an interesting result in 
ivy. It initially said it resolved everything, giving successful 
download messages for all the jars. It populated the ivy cache as well. 
But then it gave an error for every jar, as shown by the sample below:

[ivy:resolve] 		module not found: org.apache.commons#commons-parent;9
[ivy:resolve] 	==== mavenProxy: tried
[ivy:resolve] 	  -- artifact 
[ivy:resolve] 	impossible to load parent for 
[ivy:resolve] 	impossible to load parent for 

[ivy:resolve] 	impossible to load parent for 
[ivy:resolve] 		module not found: com.thoughtworks.xstream#xstream;1.2.2
[ivy:resolve] 	==== mavenProxy: tried
[ivy:resolve] 	  -- artifact 

I have a feeling that this is because I tried to cheat and tell ivy that 
I am using an archiva repo when actually they are just web pages I 
downloaded from atlassians archiva repo. So I suppose I should populate 
my own repo based on the web pages I now have. But how do I do this as a 
bulk operation? Can anybody help please? I am using version 1.1.3 of 
archiva and version 2.0.0-rc1 of ivy.


Andrew Marlow

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