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From "emerson cargnin" <>
Subject Re: Guest user authentication
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:40:50 GMT

I set up a repository group that centralises all our repositories.

This includes:
- internal: jars that are not public available and internal libraries
- public: this repo proxies all jars available in maven repository
(Proxy Connector to
- internal legacy: old m1 repository that has both non public and
public jars. (Proxy Connector to our old ftp m1 repo)

The way I created the archiva setup,  my repository group should get
the public jars into the "public" archiva repository (from
I believe the order of the repo in the group (virtual repo) means that
the first repos listed there are searched first right?

I wanted to use this behaviour to filter out unnecessary public jars
that previously we kept on our m1 legacy repository. After a while I
could go to the archiva legacy repo and see which jars are efectivelly
need to be moved into the archiva "internal" repo.

The problem is that the way the repository group is working, once I
try to download  commons-lang-2.4.jar, for example, archiva connects
to both repositories, and proxy it locally, instead of looking in the
public one first, and as it finds the jar there, there is no need to
to get from the legacy internal m1.

Is this the way the repository groups should work? Is there a way to
enforce that once a jar has been found in one of the repositories in
the group, the other ones wouldn't be searched?


2008/10/7 Brett Porter <>:
> Maven 1 paths are automatically translated, so you don't need to do
> anything special - set up a group as normal and then use that
> repository from Maven 1 and it should work.
> Cheers,
> Brett
> 2008/10/7 emerson cargnin <>:
>> Hi Maria
>> Thanks for answering.
>> I'm using already the 1.1.2 version. AN yes, I ended up finding that
>> new repositories had to be explicitly enabled for the guest role )
>> If you allow me to ask you, is it possible to proxy from a maven1
>> repository (and cache in a maven2 repo) and at the same time serve
>> this cached (together with other maven2 repositories) as maven 1 using
>> a repository group?
>> I couldn't find a way to set up a repository group for maven 1
>> Thanks a lot
>> Emerson
>> 2008/10/2 Maria Odea Ching <>:
>>> Hi Emerson,
>>> There's a default 'guest' user configured in Archiva. Just enable the
>>> Repository Observer role (for the specific repository) for the guest user.
>>> The Repository Observer role is for read access, and if you want to disable
>>> authentication on write access, just grant the 'guest' user the Repository
>>> Manager role (for the specific repository).
>>> Btw, 1.1.1 & 1.1.2 have already been released.. there are a number of fixes
>>> in them for 1.1, so you might want to upgrade to the latest version :)
>>> Thanks,
>>> Deng
>>> On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 2:20 AM, emerson cargnin
>>> <>wrote:
>>>> I took 3 hours to find out why I couldn't runt he build from my
>>>> anthill server. It was asking for authentication.
>>>> I just upgraded to archiva1.1, and this problem started (well, among
>>>> others:)).
>>>> How do I get users to access the repository without authentication?
>>>> regards
>>>> Emerson
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> Brett Porter
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