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From "Dan Tran" <>
Subject [archiva 1.2 SNAPSHOT] does search comply to group order?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 00:03:54 GMT

I built and  run archiva using ( rev 677006 ) and run into 2 problems:

Here is my configuration

    Group: mygroup
         - my release repo, thirdparty repo, and a connector ( i call
it 'internet' which proxy  a bunch of remote repos ( ie repo1, jboss., etc ).  Note the order I listed.

    artifacts: opensymphony:quartz:1.6.0:jar is at repo1 ( its does
not have pom )
                 opensymphony:quartz:1.6.0:pom is at my thirdpary repo

    Issue: archiva always to repo1 to find the pom at repo1 and fail.


    I deploy opensymphony:quartz:1.6.0:jar  to my thirdparty.  This
time no problem, but it seems archiva always search repo1 first and
slow down the build


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