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Subject Unable to Administer via Web
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 15:01:00 GMT

Installed version 1.0.2 on fedora core 7. I separated the configuration from the
installation as indicated and performed a recursive chown of
/opt/apache-archiva-1.0.2 and /var/archiva to a non-root user.  Started archiva
as non-root user and saw no errors in archiva.log or wrapper log. 

Go to web console (from remote machine) and login as admin. The search page is
displayed with no admin menus (see attached screenshot.)  Note that if I enter
the wrong password I get a login error, so I know it is logging in as 'admin'
correctly, but the displayed page acts as though I am not logged in. 

Tried running archiva as root - still no love. I can browse and search the
repositories and I am able to deploy to them (as user 'admin'), but I can't
administer them.  Any ideas?

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