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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Migrating from a file: repository to Archiva
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 19:44:01 GMT

For a while now we have been using two file: repositories to deploy our 
company's artifacts to, one for releases and one for snapshots. Those 
repos are defined in both <repositories> and <distributionManagement> in 
our parent POM.

Now we have set up an Archiva server that we want to use in a similar 
way, hoping it can completely replace the file repo. Before proceeding 
with the migration I'd like to ask the community for best practices in 
doing such a migration. Below is our current plan.

1. Get the stuff from our file: repos into Archiva

Can we just tar/zip up the entire file repo and copy the whole thing 
over to the data directory in Archiva?

Or do I need to 'mvn deploy:deploy-file' each and every artifact manually?

2. Have the configuration in the "best" place

I read the previous thread "Choosing which repositories you install to" 
with interest. Judging by that, we should remove the <repositories> 
configuration from our parent POM and move it into each developers 
settings.xml, right?

For <distributionManagement> we'll just replace the file: repos in the 
parent POM with the corresponding Archiva config.

3. Set up our users

Create a user in Archiva for every developer and have each developer 
configure that user in his/hers settings.xml, with the proper id. The 
users should have "Global Repository Manager" and "Global Repository 
Observer" roles so they can both deploy and download artifacts to/from 
every repo in Archiva.

4. Use Archiva as a proxy

Set up a mirror configuration in every developers settings.xml like this

       <name>Our Archiva Server</name>

So that all downloads, both for company internal artifacts and for open 
source artifacts available in the central repo, will be made through 

Does this sound like a good plan?

Are we missing anything?

Dennis Lundberg

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