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From kawazu <>
Subject archiva as "offline proxy"?
Date Sat, 24 May 2008 06:21:50 GMT

being a happy maven2 user, so far however I try investigating various
ways figuring out how to make our development procedure a little more
"stable" in situations in which, say, our internet connection might be
flawed or too slow to be usable. Stumbled across archiva this way,
seeing it does act as a proxy to external repositories, which is kinda
what I want.

My question however: Does it also do caching of artifacts? Can it be set
up to do so? I have installed archiva to a local tomcat container
following the archiva installation documentation, and looking at the
size of the archiva/ database, I doubt it contains any .jar files
(starting on a clean system, ~/.m2/repositories is somewhere next to
23mb while archiva/ is just somewhere around 5.3mb). However not just
having metadata but also the actual artifacts (.jar, .war, whatever)
available cached by the proxy would  be essential to our setup.

Is Archiva what I want / need here? Is a setup like this documented
somewhere and I am just missing it so far? Or should I rather search

TIA and best regards,

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