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From "Brett Porter" <>
Subject Re: How to configure the thread pool?
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 06:53:03 GMT
While I'd generally just use webapps as well (and would be happy to
see someone update the doc accordingly), these instructions did work
for me.

By putting it in ./archiva instead of webapps, it's not auto-unpacked
into the path /apache-archiva-1.0.2, which allows you to specify the
path and location through your own context file. The conf directory it
refers to is in the tomcat installation - conf/Catalina/localhost
should already exist and the context XML file needs to be added.

- Brett

On 10/04/2008, Jason Chaffee <> wrote:
> First, it is quite clear where to create the archiva.xml from this
>  statement:
>  "Create a conf/Catalina/localhost/archiva.xml file with the following
>  data (replace the database paths with a suitable location):"
>  Should this be in tomcat/conf, or tomcat/archiva/conf, it isn't really
>  clear where this conf directory should be located so I tried both but it
>  didn't make a difference because I still don't see how tomcat is aware
>  of the archiva war, etc. without putting the war in tomcat/webapps
>  instead of tomcat/archiva as the documentation suggests.
>  There has to be something else that needs to be done to get this to
>  work.
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>  From: Brett Porter []
>  Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 10:44 PM
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>  Subject: Re: How to configure the thread pool?
>  On 10/04/2008, Jason Chaffee <> wrote:
>  > We are seeing performance problems with Archiva when used as a proxy
>  and
>  >  we suspect it may be due  to the thread pool.
>  Unfortunately, it's not really accessible in Archiva 1.0.x. We've
>  already replaced it with a stock Jetty 6 installation in Archiva 1.1
>  for this reason.
>  > However, we are deploying
>  >  Archiva standalone and there does not seem to be any documentation on
>  >  how we can configure something like this and deploying the war in
>  tomcat
>  >  has been a nightmare trying to get everyting configured and working
>  (I
>  >  gave up).
>  I have tested the instructions on the web site myself, so would be
>  good to hear the issues you had? I would be happy to walk through
>  issues with that or with setting up inside Jetty6 (the config files
>  could be borrowed from 1.1 with some modifications).
>  Cheers,
>  Brett
>  --
>  Brett Porter
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Brett Porter

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