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From "Doron Solomon" <>
Subject Separating base from installation
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 14:54:32 GMT

I'm installing the standalone distribution of archiva and I'm trying to
separate the base from the installation (as suggested in the admin guide
By doing so, I'm unable to start archiva, whereas I have no problems
when the base and installation are together.  I'm running archiva 1.0.2
on solaris-sparc-32 with JRE 1.6.0_03.

When I start archiva I get a FileNotFoundException saying that
<install_dir>/conf/classworlds.conf doesn't exist, which is true since I
moved conf/ to my <base_dir> as described in the installation section of
the admin guide.  This seems to be caused by line 26 of wrapper.conf,
which defines the java property classworlds.conf as
%PLEXUS_HOME%/conf/classworlds.conf.  If we're supposed to move conf/ to
the location of PLEXUS_BASE, shouldn't this be

To test my theory, I tried modifying the wrapper.conf file to find
classworlds.conf in %PLEXUS_BASE%/conf/classworlds.conf.  Doing this,
archiva starts up but fails to find my existing databases in
%PLEXUS_BASE%/data; it prompts me to create an admin user as if I'm
using it for the first time.

Has anyone else succeeded in using archiva using this 'split'
installation/base model?  Any ideas on how to make this work are greatly


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