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From david delbecq <>
Subject Re: All repos disappear after attempt at "add remote repository"
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:43:21 GMT
Wendy Smoak a écrit :
> On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 3:52 AM, david delbecq <> wrote:
>>  $ slocate archiva.xml
>>  /home/intrarmi/.m2/archiva.xml
>>  /home/intrarmi/maestro-1.5/project-server/conf/archiva.xml
>>  /home/intrarmi/maestro-1.3.1/project-server/conf/archiva.xml
>>  considering the content of maestro archiva.xml and the total absencce of
>>  a ARCHIVA_HOME system variable, i suppose archiva only uses my
>>  .m2/archiva.xml. I will edit it by hand, following your recommandations :)
> No, it's using both, and that's most likely why you can't save the
> config.  Change $ARCHIVA_HOME to /path/to/archiva in my previous
> message-- the existence of the variable isn't necessary. :)
> I assume you're only using the newer version, so I'd consolidate the
> configuration in the conf directory and get rid of
> /home/intrarmi/.m2/archiva.xml .  Then you should be able to edit
> through the web ui.
It's already consolidated there, and previously i was able to add all 
other archiva repositories without trouble using the web interface. It's 
starting on the 4th remote repo i tried to add that things went weird 
and everything disappeared from interface.

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