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From "Maria Odea Ching" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Archiva 1.0 Beta 3 Released
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2007 02:31:48 GMT
Hi Everyone,

The Maven Archiva team is pleased to announce the release of Archiva 1.0Beta 3.

Archiva is a build artifact repository manager for use with build tools such
as Maven, Continuum and Ant.

It has features like repository search and browse, securing repositories,
identifying unknown artifacts and reporting of repository problems.

Aside from these, it can also act as a nearby (proxy) cache of popular
global repositories.

The latest release is now available here:

Below are the jira issues that were resolved for Archiva 1.0 Beta 3:

Release Notes - Archiva - Version 1.0-beta-3

** Sub-task
    * [MRM-527] - Create tests for discovering deleted artifacts

** Bug
    * [MRM-128] - better handling of jar artifacts without a pom
    * [MRM-142] - project builder cache needs to be configurable to prevent
memory leaking
    * [MRM-205] - Undesirable Tomcat configuration for .jspf files
    * [MRM-213] - cannot undeploy archiva webapp
    * [MRM-243] - 507 Insufficient Storage when deploying artifact with
    * [MRM-265] - After removing a managed repository - Browse/Search still
see it
    * [MRM-309] - relocated artifacts are not delivered
    * [MRM-320] - ProxiedDavServer breaks update policy
    * [MRM-323] - Managed repo in archiva cannot be accessed thru direct
webdav url even with valid credentials (Archiva deployed in Tomcat)
    * [MRM-333] - Tomcat deployment of archiva results in unstable instance.
    * [MRM-396] - remove 'true' and 'false' from the descriptions on the
repository admin page
    * [MRM-398] - configure guest access by default for pre-configured
    * [MRM-400] - tab appearance on view artifact page looks incorrect
    * [MRM-428] - managed and remote repositories with same name causes
    * [MRM-432] - Proxy Connectors are unable to download artifacts with
alpha numerical version numbers
    * [MRM-437] - admin editing of proxy connectors fails in multiple
    * [MRM-444] - intermittent test failures on proxy
    * [MRM-454] - Index not updated after repository purge
    * [MRM-461] - Warning message for non existent resources should include
what resource it failed to locate.
    * [MRM-466] - NPE on DatabaseJob.execute()
    * [MRM-470] - Test failures in BytecodeIndexTest due to NPE in
    * [MRM-477] - Missing ability to manage proxy order.
    * [MRM-479] - metadata files in artifactId/version level are not updated
during repository purge
    * [MRM-481] - Artifact requests with a extension fail with a
404 Error
    * [MRM-482] - Saving a proxy connector after adding a new property
results to HTTP 500 error
    * [MRM-486] - Can not deploy artifact test.maven-arch:test-arch
    * [MRM-487] - pom version is not resolved
    * [MRM-488] - properties in pom are not resolved (at least while
    * [MRM-489] - Repositories are read only even for repository managers
    * [MRM-493] - Downloaded artifacts are stored in incorrect
archiva-managed repository
    * [MRM-494] - leaving repository ID blank on the add repository page
goes to the edit page where ID cannot be edited
    * [MRM-500] - Failure in PathUtilTest under windows because the test
uses slashes in path but test File.separator in PathUtil
    * [MRM-501] - Saving configuration fails through the webapp.
    * [MRM-503] - Metadata files need Pragma:no-cache response header.
    * [MRM-509] - Adding the same repository twice will be redirected to an
Edit Repository page.
    * [MRM-510] - In Repository Browse, the first unique snapshot version
clicked is getting persisted in the request resulting to 'version does not
match' error
    * [MRM-512] - Unable to convert null repository config to archiva
    * [MRM-517] - Some maven 2 requests are treated as maven 1 requests
    * [MRM-518] - Changing the internal repository directory has no effect
    * [MRM-519] - fail to resolve artifactId for libs that contain
versionKeyword in artifactId, like "maven-test-plugin"
    * [MRM-520] - Proxy Connectors are not deleted with the deletion of a
    * [MRM-521] - No validation for the repository purge fields in repo
    * [MRM-529] - Accessing a newly added repository via webdav results to a
404 error
    * [MRM-533] - Checksum files (sha1/md5) are not kept up to date on
maven-metadata.xml files.
    * [MRM-534] - Test failure in RepositoryContentConsumerUtilTest
    * [MRM-535] - metadata-updater is changing lastUpdating timestamp when
it shouldn't
    * [MRM-543] - Versions (latest and release) wrong after regeneration of
    * [MRM-546] - Duplicate repositories show up while editing.
    * [MRM-551] - the default scan cron expression is once a day, should be
    * [MRM-554] - Wrong generated links at root of repository browsing
    * [MRM-555] - scanner checks timestamps, but some consumers will want to
consume artifacts regardless
    * [MRM-557] - repair or remove commented out test cases in proxy module
    * [MRM-558] - html problem on repositories admin page causes footer to
not be left aligned
    * [MRM-559] - archiva version is not calculated correctly - always
    * [MRM-561] - Error 500 while deleting a proxy connector
    * [MRM-562] - Artifact type "maven-plugin" is not detected correctly in
.toArtifactReference() methods.
    * [MRM-563] - Proxy connector logic for getIfModified is backwards.
    * [MRM-565] - Archiva 1.0-beta-3 fails in 404 on all legacy request.
    * [MRM-567] - Unable to download plugin SNAPSHOT's from proxy.

** Improvement
    * [MRM-37] - discover the deletion of artifacts
    * [MRM-313] - archiva fails to serve maven2 plugin from legacy
    * [MRM-458] - the NOTICE file is overzealous in declaring dependencies
    * [MRM-492] - repository failures can present as a 404 from proxy
    * [MRM-525] - Typos on the hacking page
    * [MRM-528] - just-in-time consumption of repository changes

** New Feature
    * [MRM-476] - ability to use file protocol using UNC path for Managed

** Wish
    * [MRM-202] - Change the top-left logo to be an Archiva logo that goes
to the front page of the instance
    * [MRM-203] - Reports should be public, not an administration feature
    * [MRM-513] - Support remote repositories with passwords

The Maven Archiva team will be getting ready for the another beta release
and finally, a
1.0 release.


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