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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Proxying central repo
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 23:45:41 GMT
I think I might have buggered something somewhere.  When trying to do  
a test of proxying the central repo with Archive, I'm getting this in  
the archiva logs:

416630 [SocketListener0-2] ERROR  
org.apache.maven.archiva.policies.PreDownloadPolicy:cache-failures -  
Unknown checksum policyCode [cache]
416630 [SocketListener0-2] INFO  
org.apache.maven.archiva.proxy.RepositoryProxyConnectors:default -  
Failed pre-download policies - /volume2/maven2/junit/junit/3.8.1/ 

On top of that, browsing the:


Which I'm assuming is the base of the proxy gives me a 404 error.

I have my settings.xml with the mirror details:

       <id>Aconex Central Mirror</id>
       <name>Aconex Central Mirror</name>

I've setup the Guest account with all the Repository Observer roles  
as well; I suspect it needs it unless one provides a username/ 
password combo in the Mirror URL details? (it was giving me a  
permission denied log on top of that before).

I was just trying to test a local project getting junit from the  
local archiva proxy instead of over the network.

Apologies for these dumb questions.  I'm really like Archiva.  I'm  
hoping it's going to speed up Maven access to us folks Down Under. (a  
fresh install of maven takes forever to setup; those initial plugin  
downloads across the other side of the world take about 10 minutes).



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