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From "Brett Porter" <>
Subject Re: Archiva enhancement requests
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 03:39:04 GMT
On 21/05/07, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
> The other half of the enhancement requests from a meeting last week,
> this time for Archiva.  Again, just looking for any feedback before
> opening issues for the new ones.
> 1. Web interface for uploading artifacts.  We've typed 'mvn
> deploy:deploy-file' *many* times...

I think this is already on the roadmap.

> 2. Web interface for moving artifacts between repositories.  This
> could be promoting a build from a staging repository, or moving an
> artifact from a "sandbox" area to an "approved" area.

Definitely a must-have.

> 3. The ability to delete artifacts, mostly old snapshots, but
> sometimes old releases.  Old milestone builds aren't useful after a
> release, and eventually a release is decommissioned and the retention
> policy time period expires.

I *think* this is on the roadmap (if not, should be!)

On the releases front, this should be a thing that is only allowed on
certain types of repositories (ones that house interim releases, as
you say). We would want to ensure this never happened on a
central-like repo.

We could also have purge policies on proxied artifacts (though this is
only a small space saving issue, not a high priority).

> 4. In order to decide what to delete, we need to know whether anything
> is using the artifact, and how long ago it was last referenced.

The first can easily be checked before performing any deletion.
Shouldn't be an issue for snapshots, just releases.

As for "how long ago it was referenced", that's going to depend on
"referenced". As a dependency, or accessed? If it's accessed, that
relies on all access going through the repository, or being able to
parse back the access logs. I think that might be overcomplicating it

> 5. Deploying an artifact should trigger re-indexing so that newly
> deployed artifacts show up in a search as soon as possible.

Yep, same for proxying, etc. Should also be in JIRA.

- Brett

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