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From Arnaud HERITIER <>
Subject Re: Maven and Archiva in a corporate environment
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 13:13:49 GMT

Hi Nico,

  Thanks for your feedback.
  I have effectively the same problem if I use my proxy-all repo.
  I followed the threads about risks on plugins updates and I agree that it
is better to define the list of validated plugins (in a parent pom for
example). The problem is to maintain this pom because I can't ask to the dev
teams to do it themself. I don't yet begin to create one but I think I
  I'm feeling at ease to know that I'm not the only one to have those
problems ;-)


PS: I tested all the patchs for m1 with the trunk and it's working fine.
I'll commit them soon.

nicolas de loof-2 wrote:
> I myself have this config :
> I have folder-based repositories (hand managed, not included in archiva as
> managed repo) for
> - private corporate artifacts (release + snapshots)
> - restricted libs (sun jar, oracle driver...)
> - free libs not available on repo1 OR -soures.jar for existing libs
> (spring-xx)
> I have configured an archiva managed repository that proxies
> - my 3 private repos
> -
> - snapshots from apache & codehaus
> - repo
> The developpers configure maven2 to use archiva as <mirrorOf>*</mirrorOf>
> If some artifact is missing, I can add the expected repo as proxied or
> copy
> the expected artifact in my "free libs" repo.
> This config has an issue :
> I' writing a corporate POM and deployed a snapshot. For any project to use
> it as parent I have to add a repository entry with snapshot enabled,
> pointing to my "corporate artifacts" repo. As mirrorOf redirects to
> archiva,
> this also enables snapshots from apache/codehaus.
> This may introduce unexpected snapshots pluginsin the build and make it
> unreproductible.
> I encourage users to force the plugin <version> (see recent thread on
> list)
> to avoid this issue.
> Nico.
> 2007/4/19, Arnaud HERITIER <>:
>> Hi everybody,
>>   I would like to have your feedback about the usage of maven (1 & 2)
>> with
>> archiva in a corporate environment.
>>   Up until now in a corporate environment I was using by default 5
>> managed
>> repositories :
>>   - corporate-releases : for inhouse releases filled by teams (and by
>> continuum 1.1 shortly).
>>   - corporate-snapshots : for inhouse snapshots filled by the CI.
>>   - proxy-releases : for the central repository and few others not
>> synchronized.
>>   - proxy-snapshots : for snapshots coming from apache, codehaus and
>> more.
>>   - 3rdparties : for 3rd party editors which don't publish their
>> libraries.
>>   I think it is a good separation for repositories because they don't
>> have
>> the same size (releases vs snapshots) and the same backup policy
>> (corporate
>> vs proxy).
>>   The problem with this approach is that we have to deploy a "complex"
>> settings.xml for developers. We have to define :
>>   - several proxies using proxy-releases or proxy-snapshots
>>   - 5 repositories
>>   - 5 pluginRepositories
>>   Another problem is that when maven (1 or 2) tries to download a missing
>> dependency it will send several requests to archiva and it can be slow if
>> the network isn't enough rapid. This problem occurs often when you have
>> to
>> update your IDE settings. Maven tries to download X times the javadocs
>> and
>> sources (but it's useful to have them).
>>   I tried to find a workaroung for that by replacing both proxy
>> repositories
>> by only one (proxy-all) which proxies at the same time my internal
>> repositories and the releases and snapshots outside of the company.
>>   It's working find and I have better performances because maven send
>> only
>> one request to archiva. My settings are very reduced because I just have
>> to
>> define one proxy (with *), one repository and one pluginRepository.
>>   The counterpart is that now maven 2 updates all its plugins with
>> because in my proxy-all repo, I have metadata updated from snapshots
>> repositories. Thus I can't keep these settings without to have a unstable
>> environment.
>>   What do you think ? How are you doing ?
>> Arnaud

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